Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ten On Wednesday (From A Month Ago)

1. Believe it or not I went down this slide at 28 weeks pregnant. Eeeek. Glad I didn't get stuck!!!

2. A beautiful June night for the big (Holland) beach. This is Molly staring at the "entertaining" people next to us.
Daddy (partially) buried Mase. He loved it!!!
3. Another fun afternoon at the 8th Avenue Park with cousins.
4. The Zoo never gets old for this kid...
Molly definitely enjoys the zoo though too.
Finally (after 4 visits to the Zoo) this girl would pet a goat.
5. Pool F-U-N at Aunt Courtney's. Our favorite weekly activity in the summer!!! (The little pool is actually so Molly has something to do but all the kids love it)!
6. Girlfriend was so tired after an afternoon of pool fun that she fell asleep in Brinley's bed. Sweet baby.
7. Hager Park with friends...4 boys and a girl and she's the one driving...
8. She will never fall asleep in the car at night but a quick trip from the mall to Meijer (a less than 10 minute drive) at 11am-ish and she's out like a light.
9. While daddy and Mase did boy things...Molly and mommy went to the mall!!!
10. Here's the boys doing their boy thing. A trip to Lowe's and making an airplane. Mase even got a new (free) mini but real hammer!!!

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