Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. Here goes nothing...
Moved Molly into Mason's room on July 18. For the most part they are doing well together. Biggest issue is with them waking each other in the mornings. For the most part they go to bed good (although NOT at the same time) and thankfully they sleep through the night just fine. Nap time together was a major fail so Mase normally does his nap/quiet time in either daddy and mommy's room or on the couch.

2. Girlfriend had NO problem adjusting to her new crib (and room). She is still my awesome little sleeper!!! Let me remind you that Mason freaked out when we moved him and climbed out of his crib (at the ripe age of 20 months) on night one of his move.
3.A little wrestling action with daddy.
4. Reading books with Papa...
5. Came out of the shower one Sunday morning to this precious sight. Watching something on the iPhone together!
6. Spent another relaxing evening on G&G H's lake. M&M loved checking out the (little) fish that daddy caught for them.
and Molly enjoyed a paddle boat ride.
7. The rest of us were eating ice cream by the kitchen table. She seemed too quiet. I looked in the family room and there she was.
18 MONTHS going on 18 YEARS

8. Brother suffering from a little bop (aka...paci withdraw). Sister let him have a few licks off hers.
9. Came out of my room one evening to this. Trouble I tell ya. Not sure how many he ate before I caught him. Note to self...put ALL groceries away before changing into comfy clothes!!!
10. My view one afternoon while my father-in-law painted my kitchen and laundry room.

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