Monday, August 17, 2015

Birth Story

At my appointment back on August 3 my doctor told me that the following week would be induction week. At first I was shocked but with my "chronic" hypertension...(I've had high blood pressure in all three of my full term pregnancies)...he said there was a higher risk of preeclampsia and placental abruption. (And new studies have shown that its best to induce peeps with chronic HTN during week 38...thus the early induction). He told me to go home, talk to the hubby, pick a day between the 11th and 14th, and to call back by the following day with the chosen date. After numerous conversations with the hubby we decided on August 12th...which just so happened to have been my paternal grandmother's birthday. (Tuesday was out because of Brian's work schedule if anyone is wondering why I didn't pick the first available date).

I slept terrible...just terrible the night before my induction. Most likely due to the excitement of knowing that the following day I was going to meet my baby but also because I was super uncomfortable. We woke at 3:45am. My mom arrived at our house at 4:25am. We left our house at 4:30am. And arrived at the hospital at 5am...
38 weeks and 1 day
SO ready to meet the newest little Helmholdt!!!
Being my third induction I knew just how I wanted things to proceed. (I've learned a thing or two you could say)! First and foremost I LOVED my 5am time slot because things got moving SO quickly. My Pitocin was started by 6:15am. BONUS!!! (With Molly we had to be there at 6am and with shift change my Pitocin wasn't started until after 8am...(2 hours of mostly sitting around waiting)). I got my epidural at 9:15am. And the on/call doc (Dr. Elderkin..who is a phenomenal doctor might I add) broke my water at 10am. (Getting my epidural before having them break my water was something I learner from Mase's induction. Having them give me my epidural early and break my water as soon as baby was low enough is something I learned with Molly's induction. With Molly I sat around on Pitocin from 8am-4:30pm because I thought I would be considered a wimp if I got an epidural before I was actually in pain. This time around I just wanted things to move quicker! And they did)! Once my water was broken my nurse (who was also phenomenal and a friend of my sister's from her church) told me she would check me at noon unless I felt pressure before. I didn't which sort of bummed me out since 50 minutes after my water was broken with Molly I felt the urge to push. When they checked me I had progressed from a 4 to a 6/7. And I was completely thinned out. Forty minutes later my nurse emptied my bladder (at 12:40pm) and said that this might move things along and did it ever. Within seconds (my nurse was still in the room) I felt more pressure. She told me she would be back to check me at 1pm but if I felt more pressure to call out. I was feeling more pressure but didn't feel the urge to push yet so I waited. At 1pm she checked me and said I was ready to GO. She did a clean sweep to make sure there was no cord anywhere and left the room to call the doc...telling me she would be back shortly. After she left is the only time I had pain during this labor process. I immediately felt the urge to push and had to breathe through my contractions in order to keep myself from pushing. I became super hot and super duper uncomfortable. The next 25 minutes felt like 25 hours. Around 1:25/1:30ish my doctor and nurse returned and said "LET'S HAVE A BABY!" And just one and a half contractions later (5 pushes total) out came our precious miracle Crew Bryer!!! When his head first crowned the doctor (or someone) said "look at all that hair" and then when his face came out Brian said "looks just like Mason did." Neither of us were completely shocked it was a boy because during my entire labor I kept telling Brian (and texting my sister) that it was a boy...based off the heart rate which stayed consistently in the 130s (with the very occasional dip into the 140s). (With Mase I stayed in the 130s my entire labor and with Molly I stayed in the 140s/150s). I had told my mom, sister, and hubby that I would be able to tell what I was having when I was in labor based off the heart rate. And my statement proved true.
Momma and her miracle BOY!!!
Getting washed up by nurse Lisa.
Mommy and Daddy with their {bruised} but super adorable baby boy.
They immediately placed Crew on me for an hour of skin time. During that time we called our parents and my siblings. After an hour of skin time Crew was weighed, measured, and washed up. I got to eat a little something and then after another hour I was moved up to my post partum room. My parents arrived (with Mase and Mols) and my sister (with her 3 kids) just after I was moved and shortly after my in-laws arrived. Mase (I think) was overwhelmed at first because he started acting out and wanted nothing to do with Crew or myself. After a little bit he warmed up some.

Big brother and sister checking out baby brother...
Our traditional Daddy, Mommy, Baby picture.
Momma with her babies.
Momma with her boys.
Our first family of 5 photo!!!
SO SO SO thankful for the 3 {Earthly} miracles that God chose to bless us with.

I pry sound like a broken record but how true what (The Message) Psalm 30:5 says..."The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter." All I can say is never try to understand God's ways. Just accept that His way IS the BEST way...even in your darkest hour. I'll never really understand why we had to struggle and lose so but I know if we hadn't...we wouldn't be holding the three treasures we now hold. So all I can say is God is good all the time. Yes all the time God is good!!!

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