Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hudsonville Fair 2015

I have LOVED "Fair Week" ever since I was a kid. And now I have SO much fun taking MY KIDS!!! Mason loved loved loved the rides. The bigger two enjoyed the animals, tractors, and snacks. Crew just slept through it all. What a fun night.

First stop was to see the animals. Snapped a picture of Crew "checking out" the pigs and daddy and the bigs checking out some cows.
After checking out the animals we moved on to the tractors. The kids LOVED sitting on all the different kinds. Big and small but especially the BIG.
Then we ate some yummy dinner at the Hudsonville Christian Food booth. And finally it was ride time!!! (My kids don't eat much so eating then riding does NOT affect their tummies).
Molly could go on all of two rides but she enjoyed those two rides. Mase could go on a bunch...swings included!!!

My sweet sweet WIDE awake baby boy just chilling well Mase (and a lil bit Mols) enjoyed the rides.
Mason's favorite ride. Did this thing like 8 times. Good thing he had an armband. Sheesh.

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