Monday, August 17, 2015

My 28 Hour Hospital Stay

My doctor also informed me (but just the Monday before my delivery) that if I had baby by late afternoon I could go home the following evening. That may not sound good to some of you but I was ALL about it. So yes I was happy when my little guy made his debut at 1:39pm...meant I could go home around dinner time the following evening!!! As for visitors we didn't have many this go around and that was okay. Since I slept SO poorly the night before and had obviously just given birth I was exhausted and didn't want too many visitors anyways. Brian and I decided to not call or text anyone else (besides immediate family) until later that evening. That way we could limit the amount of visitors.

Here were Crew's hospital visitors:
Brinley and Crew
(Mason), Cole, and Crew
Cambrey and Crew
Aunt Courtney and Crew
Grandpa and Grandma Vugteveen
Grandpa and Grandma Helmholdt

Everyone (including Brian) left around 7pm and until 2pm the following day it was just the Crewster and I. Brian and I like to have him home with the "bigs" (we did the same thing when Molly was born) to make the adjustment easier on them. In the mean time I pretty much just relaxed, watched TV, read a little bit of my book, took pictures of and fed Crew. 
Our ONE in a MILLION...
We were both excited to see daddy when he arrived.
My mom actually stopped by right as we were getting ready to be discharged. However, Crew was getting his hearing rechecked since he had referred in one of his ears. They returned him (with a passing score in both ears!!!) and then we just waited forever for escort to wheel me out. 
Big yawn. Pretty sure he thinks..."This place is boring. I wanna go home to the craziness!!!"

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