Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ten On Sunday

1. Making the most of every day while dad is on {paternity} leave. A teeny tiny bit of rain and lower than normal summer temps won't stop our fun. Our ZOO fun that is!!!
Sometimes Mase is a good sport about getting his picture taken. Other Today was a kinda day.
Crew's first visit to John Ball Zoo...
2. Mason has been begging to go bowling and since this month is $1 bowling at our local alley how could we say no!?! He had SO much fun. Perfect activity for a less than stellar weather week at the end of summer.
Even Molly "bowled."
3. Mason and Molly LOVE gator rides from "Uncle" Bob. (The ride actually put Molly right to sleep). LOVE this picture!
4. "Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend"...
5. Two were laying head to I told Sassy to put her head by her brother's heads. She was more than happy to oblige!!!
6. She got put in time out for throwing her food off her tray. Memo to self: when putting child in corner...take rest of the food OFF the tray. {Sigh}.
7. On our way to Crew's (10:30am) two week well child check up. Shortly before arriving I saw this in my rear view mirror. Thankfully when we arrived at the PCP's office she woke easily for me (and not cranky either).
8. Well I shopped/ran errands with the baby...daddy took the bigs on a bike ride to explore a local park. Such a good daddy!!!
9. Was putting Molly to bed and came out and saw this. He loves him so. Melts my heart. 
10. Always climbing in to give kisses...

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