Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Pure LOVE. Definite slideshow pic for their weddings!!!
2. Wouldn't look and didn't have the energy to care...{seems to be a theme for me lately)!
3. Grandma (and Grandpa) went with the kids and I to the BIG beach last week Friday. Def couldn't (wouldn't) have gone without them. Thanks G&G!!!
4. He colored his face with marker. (Thankfully washable because its the only marker he's allowed to use). When I saw him I told him to wash it off. This was the finished product. Not too shabby of a wash job!
5. Met up with two of my girlfriends (and their boys) at Millennium Park and Splash Pad this past Tuesday. While we waited for them to arrive Mase gave his sis a nice ride on this "thing." She was squealing with excitement!!!
6. Protecting baby from sister...
7. Only took her 19 months but girlfriend finally found the spice pantry...
8. Trouble with CAPITOL M's...
9. Most perfect pool day of the summer yesterday. Mase and Cole just did their thing. Cambrey kept a watchful (and very helpful) eye on Molly. Molly let Grandma and Aunt Courtney help her with things (normally she just wants Mama). Mase actually swam...SCORE!!! And Molly took an almost 2 hour nap in Brinley's bed...which means I laid in the pool for nearly two wonderfully relaxing hours!!!
10. LOVE this lil lady to pieces. Currently enjoying a "quiet" night with just my lady while the boys are at VBS. "Quiet" because there is NOTHING quiet about my lil lady.

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