Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. She can't help herself. Always needs to be touching him...
2. This kid loves himself a bubble bath...
3. How bedtime rolls at the Helmholdts. Momma and her boys!!! (And YES Mason gets moved to his bed once he falls asleep but eventually always finds his way back to our bed before morning).
Crew Bryer and Mason Dale
4. Sure just get right in. I'm sure the table won't break. Crazy kids.
5. GO BLUE!!! Daddy couldn't help himself...bought Crew FOUR Michigan onesies shortly after his arrival. Guess he's all set for football season!!! Now to find his big brother a reasonable priced Michigan shirt.
6. Morning snuggles with my boys.
7. She is relentless. Needs to be wherever Crew is.
8. A "quick" visit to Old Papa's house. My sweet baby boy with my 95 year old grandfather.
9. Tummy time turned into brother bonding time. Mason adores his baby brother. And without a doubt will be his protector.
10. We're running with a FULL truck these days...

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