Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Crazy girl. Her and I had a lot of one on one time the week before baby brother was born while daddy and big brother went to our churches Vacation Bible School.
2. Cashed out...COLD...
3. Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park F-U-N with our neighbors. Perfect Saturday morning for a trip to the zoo since the temperature was only in the low 70s.
Molly LOVED feeding (and grabbing) the birdies!
Mason and Blake
Molly {above}
Adryanna and Mason {below}
4. And then the following Sunday evening we went on a bike ride to get ice cream with our same friends/neighbors!!! (What a fun weekend).
5. Before ice cream the kids played (and mostly) had a blast in their little pool.
My little loves.

6. The Tuesday before I was induced we spent the day at my sister's pool. When we got home my shoe obsessed little lady picked out some shoes to wear . (Summer appropriate as you can tell)!!! And the no clothes is because she went in the kiddy pool after nap time in her clothes. I also love how she has my phone propped.
7. They absolutely ADORE their baby brother...
LOVE LOVE LOVE the excitement on my little lady's face and how Mase is sweetly caressing Crew's face!!!

8. So incredibly thankful that God chose to bless Brian and I with these three most precious little blessings.
9. My kids LOVE "swimming" in the tub...
10. Mase went to the dentist (back on the 5th) and came out with 2 cavities. Looking super forward (not being sarcastic at all here) to my two SEPARATE visits to get them filled. {Big sigh}.

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