Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Oh my sweet little love. Blogging can wait...and wait and wait some more. (My precious 2 day old baby boy)!!!
2. Three days new and enjoying his very first lake experience at G&G Helmholdt's house.
Meanwhile big bro and sis enjoyed swimming with dad...
3. My college girlfriends and I made plans for a Saturday lake day at one of my girlfriend's houses. (Un)fortunately I got induced the Wednesday before. (When we made the plans I assumed I would be induced the week after our lake day). Thankfully I recover quickly and the whole gang came to my house Saturday night for pizza instead. So thankful for these friends (and their precious families)!!!
Jane, Will, Tenley, and Mase
Mase with Crew, Will, Molly, Jane, Tenley, and Quinn

4. My lil beach babe...
5. My lil pool babe...
While Molly relaxed in the pool...Crew relaxed in momma's arms...
and big brother played some baseball (with daddy and some friends).
6. One of my brother's and his family were out of town when Crew was born so when they returned home...they paid our sweet lil Crew a visit.
My nieces loving on Crew!!!
7. Lots of this happening every single day...
8. This picture explains Molly perfectly. Obsessed with shoes, her "B", and iPhones.
9. My Target companions. And yes Molly always keeps errand running interesting and momma on her toes.
 10. I could snuggle this dude ALL.DAY. LONG!!! (And some days I do).

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