Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. It's the Incredible HULK...
2. Three of the cutest Michigan fans I ever saw!!!
3. Playing MONSTERS with his church buddy Nolan.
4. Watching for deer (in the tent blind) with daddy. He loved every minute of it (per daddy)!!!
5. Sometimes I'm just in awe of God's goodness and faithfulness. And some days I just have to pinch myself. Never thought my arms would be so full.
6. Has to be just like her big bro. Don't mind her face. As soon as she laid down (and right as I snapped this picture) she sneezed.
7. Delivering some (of our junk) mail to the neighbors. His excuse to knock on their door. (Good thing Mama knew they were gone). Cutest part of it all was him riding his Quad over with the mail on the back end.
8. We look SO forward to our {fun} Thursdays with grandma (and maybe grandpa) and Cole and Brinley. Last week to the beach. This past Thursday to Binder Park Zoo.
9. Last beach night. {Tear}. Oh how we love Holland Beach. We didn't do bathing suits or water but instead climbed the lil dunes (by the parking lot) and walked the pier.
10. I started my walk with Mason in his Quad. Molly walking. And Crew in the stroller. Somehow I ended my walk with all FOUR in/on the stroller. Oh my!!! Glad I didn't have the car seat in the stroller else one of the two bigs would have been crying BIG time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sunday afternoon walk at Hager Park. Time well spent!!!
2. And then a little action on the park toys. If big brother can do it...
so can little sis...
3. She INSISTS on buckling the seats BEFORE getting into her seat every.single.time she gets in the van. {Big sigh of patience}. And she also insists on sitting in brother's seat when he's not in the van as well. Gotta love her!!!
4. Matching The King, Lighting, and Chick to their appropriate colors on the bus. Guess he does know a thing or two ;)
5. First hair cut and she sat stiller than still. Yea Molly!!!
6. Sibling love...or he just wanted to choke her. Either or...she went with it.
7. Sunrise Park with friends. The tire swings were (always are) a HUGE hit. Only bummer is when Molly is on they can't go as fast or as high. But as always Molly has to do what the big kids do. So slow and low it was.
And after the fun tire swings we moved on to the regular swings where I gave Mason and his friend Adryanna some underdogs. On the third underdog Mason did a 360 off the swing and landed on his back and head. Talk about giving me a heart attack. He was a little shook up but appropriate and after an afternoon of watching him closely...he was back to normal by evening. Scary stuff.

8. One last trip to Holland State Park. 5 kids + 1 grandma + 1 mom ='ed a super fun...super gorgeous...super 80 degree day!!!
And this little one spent his time snuggling with his momma (oh and a little time in the stroller too).
9. And then my fun afternoon came to a screeching halt when I got hit on my way home. THANK GOODNESS we all walked away unharmed and the car was still drivable. But tomorrow to the repair shop it goes. Long story short...a 50 year old-ish lady turned right into me as I was going through an intersection ON A GREEN LIGHT. I was on a four way road (two heading east and two heading west) but she skipped her lane and continued right into mine. Just lovely. At least she was nice and super apologetic. She couldn't believe she hit a van with three tiny kids. 
10. Daddy said he needs to start brushing his own teeth. Welp this is what I saw the following moring...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. And life resumes a little bit of normal. Daddy went back to work this Tuesday after a wonderful 3 week paternity leave, a 4 day Yooper vacation, and a holiday (Labor Day). 3 vs 1 here I go...
2. Crew made his first of many visits to say "hi" to his big sissy's. (Labor Day 2015).
3. Crew with his girlfriends Mercy and Haven. (My girlfriends twins born 2.5 weeks ahead of the Crewsers)!!!
4. Big bro and sis LOVE to do mat time with Crewsers...
No wonder he got her cold. Girlfriend is always in his business.

5. Mase kept walking on the rocks in the water so of course...
sis thought she had to too. Only thing is she took a spill in the mud. She is def my princess tom-girl!!!
6. I took all 3 to Meijer last week Friday...and we survived!!! I only needed a few items so it actually went quite well.
7. After I gathered the few grocery items we hit up the toy aisle. Neither {big} wanted to leave but eventually we did after I made Molly put back "her" stroller.
8. A reminder to never again give Molly a ice cream sandwich...
9. The tough part of having kids so close. Nobody wants to walk. (Hence Molly's sad face since she didn't beat Mase to the seat. So I made Mase let her sit on his lap. The tears stopped pretty quickly then).
But then just like that nobody wants to ride. {Sigh}.
10. Putting those scrap boards to good use (and entertainment)!!! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

{Crew} One Month

Stats: Crew's next doctor appointment (well child check-up) isn't until October 16 so best guess is he's in the low 10 pound range. (He was 9 pounds 3oz at 13 days young). *At your sick visit yesterday afternoon with clothes on you weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces. So without clothes and a dry diaper on your actual weight is pry closer to 10 pounds 6 ounces.*
Sizes: I packed away Crew's newborn clothes (well the few items I had) a few days ago. He is now wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing. The 3 month clothing is a bit big but I prefer bigger over too tight. He is still in size 1 Huggies diapers. (We started with Pampers but switched to Huggies since they're cheaper). 
Food: Crew was introduced to the bottle for the first time on September 3 (at 3 weeks and 1 day). And only because we were traveling (to the U.P.) in the van and didn't want to stop for a sometimes not so quick breast feeding session. He took it like a champ though and from me to boot. He ate about 3.5 ounces. In other feeding news...Crew still eats on demand. Every 2-4 hours during the day. And every 3.5-5 hours at night. (Thank goodness because last week it was every 2.5-3 hours). I pump 0-2 times a day. And for only 3-5 minutes (if I do pump). Just not a pumping fan...but gotta get some stocked in the freezer for when I go back to work.
Routine: No set routine but for the most part Crew gets up around 7:30am. Eats every 2-4 hours. Naps here and there. Has 2-3 really alert stretches every day (meaning awake for at least 2 consecutive hours). And goes to bed anywhere from 9:30-11pm...just depends on when he last ate.
Developmental Milestones: Getting better and better neck control. 
Loves: Crew loves his momma (tummy to tummy time and my voice especially)!!! Loves to eat!!! Starting to love his bop!!! And loves being held.
Dislikes: Being swaddled with hands in and sometimes his bop.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You "participated" in your first play date with 10 friends plus your brother and sister.
  • You barely had/have any baby acne.
  • You went on your first vacation to G&G Vugteveen's cabin in the UP.
  • You "celebrated" your first holiday...Labor Day. We didn't do much but go to G&G Helmholdt's house at night for pizza and a little lake action.
  • You don't mind your carseat. {Yea}!!!
  • In the last week you have become more and more alert.
  • You are a LOUD sleeper...so much so that at two weeks even you were moved to your room.
  • Daddy went back to work after a wonderful 3 week paternity leave.
  • Your hair looks like it might (just might) have a little curl to it and its appearing that you will be our third blue eyed baby.
  • You visited your really big sissys for the very first time on Labor Day (September 7).
  • You already had your first cold (thanks to your sister dearest) and as of yesterday you were diagnosed with your first virus (thanks to your brother dearest). 
  • You were BEYOND fussy Thursday afternoon (9/10/15) into evening into night into Friday morning so I called your PCP and made an appointment for later in the afternoon. On Thursday afternoon Mason was diagnosed with a virus (sores in the mouth but not hand foot mouth disease). You were crying with feeds and you wouldn't take your bop so I knew something was up. However, the day before at Mason's PCP visit they said it would be highly unlikely that you would get the same virus. Welp you got it. Very thankful that Dr. Alt found the lone sore because else we would have had to go to the hospital for a septic work-up since your fevers hit 100.5. For now we're just pushing through feeds. If you stop eating and produce less urine or hit 101 momma was told to go to the ED. Praying you keep eating. Keep peeing. And don't hit 101.
Not feeling so hot...