Monday, September 7, 2015

Annual Yooper Labor Day Weekend

I am terrible...just TERRIBLE at minimizing the amount of pictures I put in my Labor Day Weekend post every.single.year. I thought I had only picked a few and then it said downloading 1 of 23. Yikes!!! Per our norm we stopped at the bridge to throw rocks into the water and to grab some lunch before driving the last 2ish hours to the cabin. (We didn't stop last year only because we went TO the island instead). Molly pretty much refuses to smile (or even look most of the time) at the camera so she made it mighty difficult to get a family picture in front of the bridge. I did get some super cute ones of Brian and I with the boys but since that's not the family this is the best we got this year...
Love this one of my biggest...
Day 1 at the cabin was filled with loving on/holding Crew, 4 wheelerwagon rides, tractor rides, wood cutting, a homemade slip 'n slide, a visit to the local park, and a trip to the Stonington Peninsula Lighthouse.
Molly, Cambrey, Addi with Crew, and Brinley
My little wood cutting helper.
Mason, Brinley, Addi, and Cole in the wagon ready for another 4 wheeler ride.
Tarps + soap ='s a great slip 'n slide.
Mase, Austin, and Brinley playing in their "pool."
My sassy lady
Crewsers just taking it all in.
Tractor ride with Papa
Lighthouse fun
Day 2 at the cabin was filled with much the same but in addition a trip to Hunters Point, shooting a BB gun, and a {quick} cousin photo shoot.
Papa with some of his grandboys.
Enjoying Hunters Point
Oops someone forgot this lil lady's swimsuit.
Cousins...all ELEVEN of them (9 and under).
Maser Dale, Sassy, and Crewsers
Shooting the BB gun with Uncle Jason
Snuggles with Grandma.

Day 3 was go home day. Boo. We made the most of our morning before heading home after lunch. Final 4 wheel drives were a must. As was one more family picture.
And just like that another Labor Day Weekend came and went. So much fun. So many memories!!!

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