Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. After Mase's dentist appointment last week Thursday (got the first of his two cavities filled and did super great with it) we headed out to The Critter Barn to pet some animals. The weather ended up being perfect since the sun chose to shine. What a glorious day!!!
2. These two precious boys (and Molly who brought my attention TO THE BOYS). Just "killing" some birds. Their daddies aren't hunters or anything!!!
3. Girlfriend cannot get enough of shoes. Tries anybody and everybody's on...including her own shoes when home at least a 100 times a day. This particular day it was my niece Cambrey's flip flops.
4. Always a sign the kids had fun and played hard. Oh how I loved putting ALL three of them to bed...doesn't happen often enough.
5. Treasuring him as if he's my last...
6. Putting our electronics to use.
7. At least he pulls up his own pants these days. Urkle or not. Only took him 10 months to finally do so.
8. We had a camping kinda night the other night. We started with a tanca pie dinner. And then some friends (our neighbors) joined us for smores around the fire. Then we enjoyed the fire some more before it was bedtime IN THE TENT for the daddies and kids...(our neighbor and one of his kids camped out too in their own tent when they saw our tent up). So much fun!!!
Mason, Molly, Adryanna, Maddie, and Blake
9. Enjoying the last {tear}day of August at G&G Helmholdt's house
Look at those cute lil butts (all three of them)!!!

10. Having fun on the first day of September at G&G Vugteveen's house. Trying out G&G V's new tube to add to that fun. Glad my lil dude dared to go...he had a blast!!! Even mommy, gma, and Molly took a spin. Although no pic included.

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