Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. And life resumes a little bit of normal. Daddy went back to work this Tuesday after a wonderful 3 week paternity leave, a 4 day Yooper vacation, and a holiday (Labor Day). 3 vs 1 here I go...
2. Crew made his first of many visits to say "hi" to his big sissy's. (Labor Day 2015).
3. Crew with his girlfriends Mercy and Haven. (My girlfriends twins born 2.5 weeks ahead of the Crewsers)!!!
4. Big bro and sis LOVE to do mat time with Crewsers...
No wonder he got her cold. Girlfriend is always in his business.

5. Mase kept walking on the rocks in the water so of course...
sis thought she had to too. Only thing is she took a spill in the mud. She is def my princess tom-girl!!!
6. I took all 3 to Meijer last week Friday...and we survived!!! I only needed a few items so it actually went quite well.
7. After I gathered the few grocery items we hit up the toy aisle. Neither {big} wanted to leave but eventually we did after I made Molly put back "her" stroller.
8. A reminder to never again give Molly a ice cream sandwich...
9. The tough part of having kids so close. Nobody wants to walk. (Hence Molly's sad face since she didn't beat Mase to the seat. So I made Mase let her sit on his lap. The tears stopped pretty quickly then).
But then just like that nobody wants to ride. {Sigh}.
10. Putting those scrap boards to good use (and entertainment)!!! 

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