Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. I took this little lady (and Crew) to Tanger with me last week. Molly LOVES looking at herself in the mirror. Brian texted me (while I was shopping) that next time he wants to keep Molly and I can take Mase (Mase was being a handful for Bri). I told him NO WAY and sent him this picture. She was being a perfect angel for me...
And then at the next store this happened...
Maybe I will take Mase next time!?!

2. Trying on their winter hats (that a friend of Papa H's made for them).
3. Sweet sweet baby face!!!
4. Molly modeling a fluffy vest that I bought for her. She would NOT take it off. Kept saying "so cute." (Don't mind her messy hair, bop, blankie, and sparkly shoes)!!!
5. Mason never tried sitting in the baby gear. She on the other hand is always trying to get yelled at!!!
6. Girlfriend randomly pulled her diaper and pants off. So what do we do...
sit her on the toilet of course. And she actually tinkled a little.
7. My baking helpers who just help themselves right up and on top of the counter...
8. Feeding the fishies some cheese. Love this precious picture!!!
9. Girlfriend is SO stinking OBSESSED with her pink sparkly shoes she wouldn't even let me take them off for bed... 
10. And since this is (pretty much) an ALL Molly post I'll end with another Molly-ism. Loving her fashion sense this morning. Shoes + socks = yikes-a-roonie!!! At least she matched her socks to her outfit (and even her bop too).

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