Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Nothing sweeter than 3 SLEEPING babies...
2. His phone had died. I walked into the kitchen and saw this. Almost died.
3. It's in the small moments of life that I see their LOVE for each other. She says..."Mason push me...and he DOES!"
4. Pumpkin Walk 2015. Aaaaaand my one and only (and not so great) picture of the night. Mase by his favorite pumpkin...Spiderman!!!
5. Molly's FIRST pigtails...
6. Painting their pumpkins. They lasted all of 5 minutes before they wanted to instead run around and play with the neighbor kids. 
7. All ready to head off to our churches Trick or Trunk. Was looking like thee perfect night for it until it started raining fifteen minutes before game time. Funny thing is the radar SHOWED NO RAIN. Grrr. So typical of Halloween. (And for memory sake we decorated the car as a mouth. Due to the rain (and wind) no picture was taken of my master piece).
8. My Sunday afternoon consisted of snuggling with these handsome fellas!!!
9. And after snuggle time (and once Molly woke up) we took a family walk to Spring Grove Park. Isn't God's creation breathtaking?!!
10. His shirt says it ALL. "Every good and perfect gift is from above."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. All snuggled up with his new "B"...thanks Aunt Courtney!!!
2. It was a sad day for Michigan fans last Saturday. (Thankfully I got this sweet pic BEFORE the end of the game). Next year WILL be the YEAR!!! Go BLUE!!!
3. Only reason she is "cheesing" in the above pic is because I promised her a popsicle...
4. She is such a stinker...
5. Toddler problems (while mom showers) continue. 1) NEED to fix the locks on the bathroom drawers. 2) NEED to shut the door to the toilet.  {BIG sigh}.
6. We went bowling last week with G&G Helmholdt. Mase loves bowling and he loved showing Grams and Gramps his skills!!!
And then there is this one...
7. I promise she has sweet moments!!! It just seems like I am showcasing only naughty moments. Someday when she looks back on my blog she will see what a stinker she was and why her own child exhausts her. Situation...momma's breast feeding so of course she climbs up the counter (big no-no), grabs the nut container, and through tears demands that I get her down. Sorry lady. You climb up. YOU climb down.
8. Somebody found his fingers and that somebody is a HUGE fan. Sweet babe!!!
9. Quick Cabela's run with these cuties. (And we tried out the new Tom+Cheese. It was yumm-O!!!
10. Someone climbed out of her crib. {Nooooooo}. Thankfully though when we put her in for nap or bedtime she still stays PUT. Score!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. This kid ALL.SUMMER.LONG has refused to ride a bike. Got on it all by himself last week. May not be a superstar (bike rider) yet but at least we made a little progress!!!
2. I'm showcasing a not so superstar mom moment but here goes. I was feeding Crew and looking at my phone while Molly took a tub. (In my defense I was reading about the flu vaccine). I wasn't necessarily looking at Molly but I could hear her splashing so I knew she was fine. I looked at her when she said..."look fishy mommy." Sure enough sweet thing. All the stickers I had just put on the floor of the tub were pretty much in her hands or not sticking to the bottom of the tub anymore. Swell my child. Just swell.
3. Sweet baby girl more often than mommy would like plays in her crib for an hour before she finally gives into her nap. She sure looks uber sweet when sleeping though!!!
4. Mason just had to try Molly's Halloween costume on. This kids always making me laugh!!!
5. Bike ride to see the goats (yes we do this a lot). Mason didn't want to walk (big surprise) and won't ride a bike so this is our compromise...
6. Toddler problems. Can't even take a two (or maybe longer) shower these days.
7. Mason and Molly's reactions to their flu shots...
8. Impromptu visit to Old Papa. How sweet is this!?! Bummed I didn't whip my phone out quicker to catch Molly giving Old Papa a kiss (first since she was a baby) or Crew getting loved on by my Gpa for a good 10 minutes.
9. Love how she is always snuggled with her B. (And her pillow is always close by too).
10. I posted our family pic a few posts ago but just had to share this one of my sweet bigs. How precious are they!?!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Fun

We once again had a fantastic time at Zoo Goes Boo...this year with our neighbors!!! 
And yes Mase was Mario for the second year in a row. If he's happy wearing the same costume then so be it!!!

The Fab Four...a Cat, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Mario, and a Zebra.
oh and one really cute Giraffe!!!
New Salem F-U-N for the third year running with the Vugteveen family. It was a wee bit chilly but thankfully the sun made an appearance so not too cold to enjoy ourselves. Donuts and cider, kiddie train ride, bounce house, bus ride to the corn maze, and animals made for a great afternoon.
She just adores her <3 p="">
My peeps
Cousin shot...hey we tried!
Thanks G&G...we had a blast!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2 Month Appointment Update

At Fridays well child check up Crew weighed in at 12lbs 11oz (80th%) and measured 22 and 1/4th inches (a mere 30th%). Head circumference was in the 50th% but they didn't write down exactly what the measurement was. (In comparison to Mase he weighed 7 ounces less and was an inch shorter. Mase was 2 months and a day. Crew was 2 months 4 days. In comparison to Molly he weighed 1 pound and 4 ounces more and was 3/4th inch taller. Molly was 2 months 1 day. LOVE comparisons).

His appointment was fairly uneventful (Mason and Molly were with and they both had to get their flu shots along with Crew's 5 shots and oral vaccination. So not it was not completely uneventful. Boo). Anyways Crew is a very healthy growing boy. The only thing "discovered" is that just like Mase, Crew has torticollis. Hopefully a few at home exercises fixes the problem else he too (just like Mase) will have to go to PT to fix the issue. Next appointment is December 16 at 4 months young!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Becoming more interested in his play mat...
2. This kid loves hitting the limbs off Uncle Bobs trees. One of the highlights of our visits to Middleville. (Although I would have to say his #1 and #2 favorites are shooting daddy's gun and going on gator rides)!!!
3. Mason Mommy caught a second praying mantis. (Caught one on Sunday and the second on Monday). Mase wanted to show everyone so we took them to G&G Vugteveens on Tuesday to show Austin and Connor (cousins) and invited our neighbors (Adryanna and Blake) over to see them Tuesday night. One proud boy. Finally after 48 and 24 hours respectively for each mantis we made him let them go.
4. Yep that happened on Monday. And thankfully it went quite well. But what could have been a 30 minute (quick grocery) trip ended in an hour trip because of loading and unloading three kids, riding on Sandy x2, and visiting the fish.
5. My kids were happy!!! Thank you to the person who paid it forward by leaving pennies.
6. Mason's new bed. We got him out of our bed but not out of our room...
7. How we go for walks in the woods...
(And in Brian's defense...Molly + Crew = the weight of Mason)

8. Rub a dub dub...two babies in a tub. One baby poops and the other jumps out...
9. We have had the most incredible fall weather here in Michigan. And because of that I have had the BEST maternity leave. (Loved having this time of the year off)!!! So thankful for high school friend play dates, college friend play dates, and church friend play dates (and of course cousin, neighbor, and plain o friend play dates)!!! Believe it or not I do not always take pics of every outing...mostly just with the parenthesis play dates.

10. Gonna start and finish with this smiling cutie.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Pictures by Mom

Impromptu photo shoot of these 3 cuties. Not too shabby if I may say!!!
Mason Dale~3 years 9 months
Molly Elayne~21 months
Crew Bryer~2 months
Thankfully we live in the country (kind of) so these were all taken in our backyard.