Saturday, October 17, 2015

2 Month Appointment Update

At Fridays well child check up Crew weighed in at 12lbs 11oz (80th%) and measured 22 and 1/4th inches (a mere 30th%). Head circumference was in the 50th% but they didn't write down exactly what the measurement was. (In comparison to Mase he weighed 7 ounces less and was an inch shorter. Mase was 2 months and a day. Crew was 2 months 4 days. In comparison to Molly he weighed 1 pound and 4 ounces more and was 3/4th inch taller. Molly was 2 months 1 day. LOVE comparisons).

His appointment was fairly uneventful (Mason and Molly were with and they both had to get their flu shots along with Crew's 5 shots and oral vaccination. So not it was not completely uneventful. Boo). Anyways Crew is a very healthy growing boy. The only thing "discovered" is that just like Mase, Crew has torticollis. Hopefully a few at home exercises fixes the problem else he too (just like Mase) will have to go to PT to fix the issue. Next appointment is December 16 at 4 months young!!!

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