Monday, October 12, 2015

{Crew} Two Months

Stats: Guessing Crew weighs in the low 13 pound range and measures 22.5 inches. Will find out Friday at his 2 month well-child appointment.

*Stats update after 2 month well child check up are as follows...weighed in at 12lbs 11oz (80th%) and measured 22 and 1/4th (a mere 30th%). Head circumference was in the 50th% but they didn't write down exactly what the measurement was.*
Sizes: Crew is still wearing size 0-3 or 3 month clothing. Although a few pieces here and there are starting to look a little snug. And size 1 Huggies diapers. However, he will be moving up to size 2 in the next few days...(when we run out of size 1).
Food: Crew is still on a strict booby milk (from the boob) diet. He's only gotten a handful of bottles thus far and those were during our trip to the UP, while he had the sores in his mouth, and a few here and there if I was out running errands or at an appointment. As for pumping I stink at it this go around. I only pump if its necessary (as in having a bottle available if I'm not with Crew). Thankfully I already have a starter supply of milk in the freezer for when I go back. But I REALLY need to start pumping more. As in at least once if not twice a day. But it takes up time that I just do not have.
Routine: Crew typically falls asleep around 8/8:30 at night. I wake him between 930 and 10 for a quick feed and then put him down for the night (or the next few hours). Sadly we are NOT sleeping through the night yet. To date the longest stretch Crew has gone is 5 hours and 45 minutes and that happened just this past Saturday night. At least were making good progress!!! Crew wakes without fail between 630 and 7 every morning...even if he ate just an hour or a mere 30 minutes before. Typically he's poopy and if I change him he'll go right back to sleep. If he happens to not be poopy then I'll just lay him on me and we both (me lightly) fall back to sleep until I hear Molly beckon. We aren't scheduley kinda people so Crew naps randomly throughout the day, eats every 3-4 hours during the day and eats every 3-5.5 hours at night.
Developmental Milestones: Crewsers (finally) started smiling at 6 weeks...although he is very stingy with these precious smiles. 
And big guy has excellent head and neck control.
Loves: Crew loves his mama (like really really loves)!!! He'll be fussy by daddy and calm instantly by mommy. He loves any type of movement (like rocking)!!! He loves to be held tight to the body with his butt patted!!! He loves being in the Ergo carrier. And he loves to be snuggled in a big fluffy blanket (for naps).
Dislikes: Crew dislikes sitting in a poopy diaper. And dislikes his hands swaddled under a blanket at night so mommy puts "mittens" (socks) on his hands to keep them warm.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You like your swing way better than your bouncer.
  • You have minor cradle cap. Unlike with your sister I do NOT put baby oil in it. I'm letting nature take its course.
  • You haven't lost any of your beautiful hair!!!
  • Mommy cut a few of your finger nails at 7 weeks.
  • You let out your first coo at 8.5 weeks. {As in just yesterday}.
  • You are such a serious baby. So hard to get smiles out of. Here's the only one I got from your two month photo shoot

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