Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. It's the Incredible HULK...
2. Three of the cutest Michigan fans I ever saw!!!
3. Playing MONSTERS with his church buddy Nolan.
4. Watching for deer (in the tent blind) with daddy. He loved every minute of it (per daddy)!!!
5. Sometimes I'm just in awe of God's goodness and faithfulness. And some days I just have to pinch myself. Never thought my arms would be so full.
6. Has to be just like her big bro. Don't mind her face. As soon as she laid down (and right as I snapped this picture) she sneezed.
7. Delivering some (of our junk) mail to the neighbors. His excuse to knock on their door. (Good thing Mama knew they were gone). Cutest part of it all was him riding his Quad over with the mail on the back end.
8. We look SO forward to our {fun} Thursdays with grandma (and maybe grandpa) and Cole and Brinley. Last week to the beach. This past Thursday to Binder Park Zoo.
9. Last beach night. {Tear}. Oh how we love Holland Beach. We didn't do bathing suits or water but instead climbed the lil dunes (by the parking lot) and walked the pier.
10. I started my walk with Mason in his Quad. Molly walking. And Crew in the stroller. Somehow I ended my walk with all FOUR in/on the stroller. Oh my!!! Glad I didn't have the car seat in the stroller else one of the two bigs would have been crying BIG time.

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