Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Grocery shopping with my lil lady...who screamed when I tried leaving without her.
2. SO proud of the slug he caught...YUCK!
3. Our first apple picking experience...(at Crane's Apple Orchard). The kids had a blast besides a few Molly tantrums. (Always gotta have a few of those). Only bummer was they weren't picking honeycrisp anymore. But we still got some of delicious ones!!!
4. Pretty sure he wishes he could deck her one ;)
5. Annual Post Family Farm outing. SO.Much.Fun. Just love this place. This year we planned to go with our neighbors. (Last year we just so happened to pick to go the same night and didn't know until we showed up there). One of our other neighbor's companies was "hosting" the night (which we didn't know) but he was kind enough to give us free donuts and cider plus tickets for the kids to pick out a $5 pumpkin. Thanks Gregg!!! If we would have spotted him quicker he would have even gotten us in for free. Oh well.
The kids LOVE the slide and pumpkin train...
Heading out to the pumpkin patch on the hayride to pick out our little pumpkins.
Trying to get a cute picture but Molly had lost it by this point.
6. LOVE me some freshly bathed babies!!!
7. On possibly our last warm Sunday afternoon of the season {please NO} we headed out to Brian's cousin's property (where Brian hunts) to go for a walk (and for Brian to check out his cameras). Brian threw some corn out (for.the.deer) and as guessed...Molly bent down to taste test.
8. Mason shooting a .22 with daddy. He was over the moon happy!!!
9. Always finding fun things on "Uncle" Bob's property.
10. A future photo opp. Love these woods. I did take the Mase and Mols pictures here last summer but didn't really get any good shots of the woods so I will def be taking Crew's 9 month pictures here!!!

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