Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Becoming more interested in his play mat...
2. This kid loves hitting the limbs off Uncle Bobs trees. One of the highlights of our visits to Middleville. (Although I would have to say his #1 and #2 favorites are shooting daddy's gun and going on gator rides)!!!
3. Mason Mommy caught a second praying mantis. (Caught one on Sunday and the second on Monday). Mase wanted to show everyone so we took them to G&G Vugteveens on Tuesday to show Austin and Connor (cousins) and invited our neighbors (Adryanna and Blake) over to see them Tuesday night. One proud boy. Finally after 48 and 24 hours respectively for each mantis we made him let them go.
4. Yep that happened on Monday. And thankfully it went quite well. But what could have been a 30 minute (quick grocery) trip ended in an hour trip because of loading and unloading three kids, riding on Sandy x2, and visiting the fish.
5. My kids were happy!!! Thank you to the person who paid it forward by leaving pennies.
6. Mason's new bed. We got him out of our bed but not out of our room...
7. How we go for walks in the woods...
(And in Brian's defense...Molly + Crew = the weight of Mason)

8. Rub a dub dub...two babies in a tub. One baby poops and the other jumps out...
9. We have had the most incredible fall weather here in Michigan. And because of that I have had the BEST maternity leave. (Loved having this time of the year off)!!! So thankful for high school friend play dates, college friend play dates, and church friend play dates (and of course cousin, neighbor, and plain o friend play dates)!!! Believe it or not I do not always take pics of every outing...mostly just with the parenthesis play dates.

10. Gonna start and finish with this smiling cutie.

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