Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. All snuggled up with his new "B"...thanks Aunt Courtney!!!
2. It was a sad day for Michigan fans last Saturday. (Thankfully I got this sweet pic BEFORE the end of the game). Next year WILL be the YEAR!!! Go BLUE!!!
3. Only reason she is "cheesing" in the above pic is because I promised her a popsicle...
4. She is such a stinker...
5. Toddler problems (while mom showers) continue. 1) NEED to fix the locks on the bathroom drawers. 2) NEED to shut the door to the toilet.  {BIG sigh}.
6. We went bowling last week with G&G Helmholdt. Mase loves bowling and he loved showing Grams and Gramps his skills!!!
And then there is this one...
7. I promise she has sweet moments!!! It just seems like I am showcasing only naughty moments. Someday when she looks back on my blog she will see what a stinker she was and why her own child exhausts her. Situation...momma's breast feeding so of course she climbs up the counter (big no-no), grabs the nut container, and through tears demands that I get her down. Sorry lady. You climb up. YOU climb down.
8. Somebody found his fingers and that somebody is a HUGE fan. Sweet babe!!!
9. Quick Cabela's run with these cuties. (And we tried out the new Tom+Cheese. It was yumm-O!!!
10. Someone climbed out of her crib. {Nooooooo}. Thankfully though when we put her in for nap or bedtime she still stays PUT. Score!!!

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