Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Enjoying my first ever ArtPrize. Although really isn't my thing...nor is downtown really my children's thing. Might be back in another 7...years that is. And no I did NOT brave this by wonderful mother came with.
2. Playdate at a friend's house. Molly is in heaven when she's being driven around. Too bad her cute driver is her 3rd cousin :)
3. They (ahem Mason) found a fun new play spot...
4. Happy October 1st. Errr happy opening of bow hunting season I mean.
Love my camo wearing babies!!!
5. Thursday again!!! This week we opted to just play at G&G's house. Here's my nephew proudly holding up one of the many fish HE caught and there's Mason just proud of Cole ;)
Papa, Cole, Mase, Mols, and Brin
6. At least she's using it correctly...
7. Zeeland's Pumpkinfest. The kids had an absolute blast and even better yet it was basically FREE!!! Only paid $1 for Molly's balloon and $1 for both Mase and Mols to get their faces painted. And then we ended the night with frozen yogurt which did cost me another $6. So thankful for our next door neighbors who have become great friends.
8. This kid LOVES peanut butter...
9. Fall evening stroller ride to a park. Major dislike that these nights are becoming fewer and further between.
10. Guess he played hard on this particular day!!!

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  1. Such sweet photos! Looks like you all have been having some fun!