Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. A quick visit to pick up their sister(s)'s flower pot. Oh these three will never know what blessings they are. Well maybe they will since I tell them every day. What miracles!!!
2. When I get old/big enough the first thing I'm going to do is punch her. -Crew
3. This.Is.Trouble...
4. She wanted the {Easter} eggs (hence the climb)...and in the spirit of causing more trouble ripped apart her socks and "read" almost all of her books as well. 
5. Special treat at Target for listening to mom!!!
6. Waiting for our friends to arrive so we could start our "finding leaves for a fun fall project" walk.
7. We found some pretty sweet leaves, enjoyed a beautiful fall walk, played at the {Hager} park, ate a picnic {Wendy's} lunch and then some of us had fun doing the leave project...(the boys peaced out after 2 minutes). All in all a great day!!!
8. Daddy was gone hunting for a couple of nights and since Mommy loves pics when she works a long 12 hour day...Mommy thought Daddy would love daily pics of his beautiful babes as well!!!
9. More fun with our friends the Fedewas at Teusinks Pony Farm (in Holland). So thankful for these neighbors (and friends)!!! These kids just adore each other.
10. Annual "Fall Front Porch Picture"...
(Don't mind my hunched over hair in face look. Brian was inpatient with me trying for "perfection" and sine the kids were looking I decided enough was enough)!!!
Love looking through the years as our family as grown one by one by one more!!!

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