Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. This kid ALL.SUMMER.LONG has refused to ride a bike. Got on it all by himself last week. May not be a superstar (bike rider) yet but at least we made a little progress!!!
2. I'm showcasing a not so superstar mom moment but here goes. I was feeding Crew and looking at my phone while Molly took a tub. (In my defense I was reading about the flu vaccine). I wasn't necessarily looking at Molly but I could hear her splashing so I knew she was fine. I looked at her when she said..."look fishy mommy." Sure enough sweet thing. All the stickers I had just put on the floor of the tub were pretty much in her hands or not sticking to the bottom of the tub anymore. Swell my child. Just swell.
3. Sweet baby girl more often than mommy would like plays in her crib for an hour before she finally gives into her nap. She sure looks uber sweet when sleeping though!!!
4. Mason just had to try Molly's Halloween costume on. This kids always making me laugh!!!
5. Bike ride to see the goats (yes we do this a lot). Mason didn't want to walk (big surprise) and won't ride a bike so this is our compromise...
6. Toddler problems. Can't even take a two (or maybe longer) shower these days.
7. Mason and Molly's reactions to their flu shots...
8. Impromptu visit to Old Papa. How sweet is this!?! Bummed I didn't whip my phone out quicker to catch Molly giving Old Papa a kiss (first since she was a baby) or Crew getting loved on by my Gpa for a good 10 minutes.
9. Love how she is always snuggled with her B. (And her pillow is always close by too).
10. I posted our family pic a few posts ago but just had to share this one of my sweet bigs. How precious are they!?!

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  1. This post just made me smile. Toilet paper, fishing and so forth, I can so relate!!!! Good thing your kids are adorable, huh?