Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Nothing sweeter than 3 SLEEPING babies...
2. His phone had died. I walked into the kitchen and saw this. Almost died.
3. It's in the small moments of life that I see their LOVE for each other. She says..."Mason push me...and he DOES!"
4. Pumpkin Walk 2015. Aaaaaand my one and only (and not so great) picture of the night. Mase by his favorite pumpkin...Spiderman!!!
5. Molly's FIRST pigtails...
6. Painting their pumpkins. They lasted all of 5 minutes before they wanted to instead run around and play with the neighbor kids. 
7. All ready to head off to our churches Trick or Trunk. Was looking like thee perfect night for it until it started raining fifteen minutes before game time. Funny thing is the radar SHOWED NO RAIN. Grrr. So typical of Halloween. (And for memory sake we decorated the car as a mouth. Due to the rain (and wind) no picture was taken of my master piece).
8. My Sunday afternoon consisted of snuggling with these handsome fellas!!!
9. And after snuggle time (and once Molly woke up) we took a family walk to Spring Grove Park. Isn't God's creation breathtaking?!!
10. His shirt says it ALL. "Every good and perfect gift is from above."

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