Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Told Brian to send me a pic of my babies when I was working my first weekend back to work. Oh how I dislike 12 plus hour days...
2. A few hours later Brian sent me this. Melt my heart I love him SO!!!
3. The third picture I received was of blonde hair and scissors. Mason's blonde hair. So I requested another picture of Mason with his after look. WaaaaaaY too short for my liking. Thankfully it grows fast.
(Sorry for the not so super quality photo)

4. And this was the fifth picture I received. Daddy got him ready to "play" errr watch his big bro and sis play...outside obviously! This one made me laugh!!!
5. My little boy hunting with daddy for the very first time. Getting SO big. {Tear}.
6. Poor kid was so bored he fell alseep. Maybe we'll try {hunting} again next year. Ha!
7. Popping his paci in every.single.hour during the night makes this mama T-I-R-E-D but this smile makes it ALL worth it!!!
8. Girlfriend LOVES her some piggy tails!!! And believe it or not sits pretty well for mommy when I'm putting them in.
9. Just a little Byron Rec Center toddler time. This is where Molly spent most of our hour and a half...
10. Yes that is POOP and an APPLE. Mason pooped and Molly promptly threw her half eaten apple in. Toddlers...so stinking cute. So stinking naughty.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Brotherly LOVE. After 3 months he still wants to hold his little brother. And little brother (although he looks uncomfortable) fell right asleep on big brother.
2. Helping daddy blow out his birthday candles. Good thing grandma only put three on...
3. Date afternoon plus one...
4. She took her pants off. She took her diaper off. Now if only this meant she was ready to potty train.
5. Her brother gets great enjoyment out of teasing her. Poor thing. (He put his color changing tablet in a small container and then dumped it over her head).
6. Two crying babies in a rub-a-dub-tub. So the back story to this {crying fiasco} is Molly hit Mason with a hard object right to the eye. He leaped out of the tub water splashing everywhere crying for me to kiss his eye. However, before I could kiss his eye he jumped back into the tub (more water splashing everywhere) and slapped Molly square in the face. Now Molly started SCREAMING and then she came flying (water splashing everywhere) out of the tub. And to add to it before this all started I was breast feeding Crew (sitting on the bathroom floor). As you can all imagine with all this commotion he got shook off the boob and was crying TOO. Oh my WORD. Some days all you can do is laugh.
7. SUPER-size night at AWANA. (If you've never heard of AWANA look it up. It's an amazing program through the Baptist church. Mason is OBSESSED with it. Asks how many more days until he gets to go again and on the day of AWANA asks how many more hours until he gets to go again). He also calls it Iguana. So stinking cute!!! And a few weeks after he started going his bestest pals (neighbors Adryanna and Blake) started going too. And a super sweet perk is the church is right across from our development!!!
8. I remember being "excited/bummed" (as if that makes any sense) when my sister got pregnant with her first. (I was very single at the time). I was excited for obvious reasons but bummed because I wanted to have kids WITH her not AFTER her. (We're only 20 months apart). But her having kids a bit before me has its perks. This being one of them. Plus she is SOOOO sweet (and patient) with Molly who adores her Kammie. My sweet nephew Connor wanted in on the picture too!
9. My awesome friend took some awesome pictures of these precious gems for my 2015 Christmas card (at her awesome house)!!! Thanks Rach!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
~My two faves~
10. My friend also took some 3 month shots of this lil stud...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

{Crew} Three Months

Stats: Guessing in the upper 13/lower 14 pound range. Crew's next scheduled appointment isn't until his 4 month well-child check up and that isn't until December 16. (Fitting that a year ago ON December 16 we found out we were pregnant with our lil man)!!!
Sizes: I switched Crew to 3-6 and 6 month clothing at 2.5 month . He wears size 2 Kirkland diapers.
Food: Crew is still on a boobie milk only diet. I went back to work last week though so now he gets bottled boobie milk two days a week and boobie milk from the boob the other five days. On his bottle fed days he takes 5 four and a half- five ounce bottles. (We tried 5 four ounce bottles on my first day back and that wasn't quite enough). I pump only on my working days...twice at home (6am and 9/10pm) and three times at work (10am, 2pm, and 6pm). Well I guess that's kind of a lie...obviously I pump a bottle anytime I'm going to be gone and there be a possibility that he'll need one while I'm gone.
Routine: Crew eats on demand during the day (every 3-5 hours) and eats twice (unless you count 6am "morning" then only once during the night. He typically eats his last meal of the day between 9 and 9:30. Crew typically wakes once in the two 'o clock range for me to pop his bop (paci) back in and again to eat in the 3 'o clock range. From 6am on he's constantly waking. Whether he's hungry or not. Sometimes I feed him and sometimes I take him back to bed to snuggle (he falls back to sleep and I lightly doze off). Crew has no set time when he wakes. He's all over the place. Depends on if he's in my arms or in his crib. No set nap times. Just snoozes randomly throughout the day. Definitely can count on a longer nap in the afternoon though!!!
Developmental Milestones: Crew likes to sit in his bumbo seat and watch the Bigs! He is a super smiley baby (big change from last month) and is talking (aka...cooing). Loves to grab/hang on to his blankie and mommy's hair.
Loves: Crew loves sucking on his fists!!! Crew loves his blankie and paci!!! Crew loves his mama!!! Crew loves his Ergo!!! Crew loves watching people!!! Crew loves sleeping in his car seat. And Crew loves smiling!!!
Dislikes: You don't mind the typical dislikes...diaper changes, baths, etc. And you don't mind things your siblings disliked at the same age...being cold and your paci. The one thing you do dislike is sitting in poop. Once you poop...you wanna be changed.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Mommy went back to work on November 4. It was suppose to be a 12 hour flex shift. (Flex meaning first to be canceled. We have to schedule ourselves for 24 hours of flex shifts every 6 weeks). Somehow there was a glitch in the computer system and my flex shift got changed to a scheduled shift. Once my Charge Nurse figured this all out I got sent home at 230pm. Not gonna lie...kinda nice that my first shift back was a short one.
  • You are an easy read. Can definitely tell when you are hungry or tired.
  • You are such an easy baby and your smile is coming easier these days.
  • Forgot to mention in your 1 AND 2 month posts that you have a birthmark on your left upper leg.
  • Whenever you're in the Ergo you instantly fall asleep.
  • "Celebrated" your first Halloween.
  • You were baptized on November 8.
  • You slept in your crib for the first time/night on October 20. Sleep was less than stellar that first night but no different than what you were doing in your rock and play sleeper. 
  • Right after turning 2 months you were in the habit of waking twice a night to eat and an additional 4-5 times for your bop to be popped back in. Mommy was exhausted.
  • On October 21 and 22 you started waking just once a night to eat and THAT WAS IT!!! You ate somewhere in the 3 'o clock time frame.
  • Mommy often gets asked if you're a boy or girl because of all your hair. I wanna say peeps don't you see the BLUE?!!
  • People are more prone to say a baby girl is cute over a baby boy but if your baby boy has lots of hair...then you get told your baby is cute a lot too!
My #1 3 month old

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. H-A-P-P-Y Halloween from this adorable lil giraffe...
 this sassy zebra...
and this cute lil Mario...
Costumes this year cost me $0. Gotta love it!!! Mase was on year 2 of his costume. Crew's I borrowed from a friend. And Mollys I got from a garage sale last year for $3.
With G&G Helmholdt
A Fairy with the Giraffe, a Zebra, a Princess, Mario, a Raccoon, Jake, and a Cowboy.

2. Daddy was hunting (at Uncle Bob's house) so we made a late morning/early afternoon visit.
3. This kid LOVES to climb.
4. Oh my heart!!! I may be biased but aren't they stinking C-U-T-E!!!
5. This picture doesn't do justice to how dirty they were. (Their butts and knees from playing in the sandbox). I had told Mason NOT to get dirty. To just crouch instead. His response to me was..."Mom, we can change our clothes." (Imagine his response to the phrase...like dah mom). My response back was yeah Mommy didn't want to scrub stains out. {Sigh).
6. Some days all you can do is laugh...
Back story. I had to go get my Trip from HCS. Crew must have been hungry even though he wasn't due to eat. Molly had been up since 545am with a mere one hour nap. She was crying because Crew was crying. And Mason was yelling because his ears hurt from the other two crying. Oh and Daddy was hunting.

7. All ready to go to church in our Baptism best. (Check out Crew. My mom said to me after church I think you have his sweater on backwards. Whoops)!!!
8. So thankful for a day to celebrate our littlest miracle with family. ~11.8.2015~
Crewsers in his daddy's (and big brothers) hand-me-down Baptism gown. LOVE!!!
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Child of GOD!!!

9. Grandma wanted a picture. So grandma got a picture. And a pretty decent one if I may say. All kids looking. Now that's something that doesn't happen often.
10. This little boy never ceases to make me laugh...