Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. H-A-P-P-Y Halloween from this adorable lil giraffe...
 this sassy zebra...
and this cute lil Mario...
Costumes this year cost me $0. Gotta love it!!! Mase was on year 2 of his costume. Crew's I borrowed from a friend. And Mollys I got from a garage sale last year for $3.
With G&G Helmholdt
A Fairy with the Giraffe, a Zebra, a Princess, Mario, a Raccoon, Jake, and a Cowboy.

2. Daddy was hunting (at Uncle Bob's house) so we made a late morning/early afternoon visit.
3. This kid LOVES to climb.
4. Oh my heart!!! I may be biased but aren't they stinking C-U-T-E!!!
5. This picture doesn't do justice to how dirty they were. (Their butts and knees from playing in the sandbox). I had told Mason NOT to get dirty. To just crouch instead. His response to me was..."Mom, we can change our clothes." (Imagine his response to the phrase...like dah mom). My response back was yeah Mommy didn't want to scrub stains out. {Sigh).
6. Some days all you can do is laugh...
Back story. I had to go get my Trip from HCS. Crew must have been hungry even though he wasn't due to eat. Molly had been up since 545am with a mere one hour nap. She was crying because Crew was crying. And Mason was yelling because his ears hurt from the other two crying. Oh and Daddy was hunting.

7. All ready to go to church in our Baptism best. (Check out Crew. My mom said to me after church I think you have his sweater on backwards. Whoops)!!!
8. So thankful for a day to celebrate our littlest miracle with family. ~11.8.2015~
Crewsers in his daddy's (and big brothers) hand-me-down Baptism gown. LOVE!!!
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Child of GOD!!!

9. Grandma wanted a picture. So grandma got a picture. And a pretty decent one if I may say. All kids looking. Now that's something that doesn't happen often.
10. This little boy never ceases to make me laugh...

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