Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Told Brian to send me a pic of my babies when I was working my first weekend back to work. Oh how I dislike 12 plus hour days...
2. A few hours later Brian sent me this. Melt my heart I love him SO!!!
3. The third picture I received was of blonde hair and scissors. Mason's blonde hair. So I requested another picture of Mason with his after look. WaaaaaaY too short for my liking. Thankfully it grows fast.
(Sorry for the not so super quality photo)

4. And this was the fifth picture I received. Daddy got him ready to "play" errr watch his big bro and sis play...outside obviously! This one made me laugh!!!
5. My little boy hunting with daddy for the very first time. Getting SO big. {Tear}.
6. Poor kid was so bored he fell alseep. Maybe we'll try {hunting} again next year. Ha!
7. Popping his paci in every.single.hour during the night makes this mama T-I-R-E-D but this smile makes it ALL worth it!!!
8. Girlfriend LOVES her some piggy tails!!! And believe it or not sits pretty well for mommy when I'm putting them in.
9. Just a little Byron Rec Center toddler time. This is where Molly spent most of our hour and a half...
10. Yes that is POOP and an APPLE. Mason pooped and Molly promptly threw her half eaten apple in. Toddlers...so stinking cute. So stinking naughty.

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