Saturday, December 12, 2015

{Crew} Four Months

HaPpY FOUR mONthS ChuNKy MonkEy
Stats: Crew's 4 month well-child check up is this coming Wednesday. But for guessing sake...I'm thinking in the upper 16 pound range. ***Update...wowsers was I off. Crew weighed in at 15#5oz at yesterday's appointment. Putting him in the 50-75th% for weight. (TWO whole pounds less than Mase at the same age. Crazy).  And measured in at a mere 24 and 1/4 inches (an inch and a half LESS than Mase). Thinking because he's so much shorter is why he looks just as chunky. Kinda funny but based on his height Crew is only in the 25th% for height. His head was 16 and 3/4th wide. (50-75th%).***
Sizes: Crew is still wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothing. And size 2 Kirkland diapers.
Food: Crew is still on a boobie milk only diet. On work days he gets boobie milk from the bottle and on my stay at home {work} days he gets the boob. On his bottle fed days he takes a mixture of 5 four and a half to five ounce bottles. I pump on on my working days...twice at home (6am and 9/10pm) and three times at work (10am, 2pm, and 6pm). And also anytime I'm going to be gone and there be a possibility that Crewsers will need to eat while I'm gone.
Routine: Crew normally wakes between 7 and 730 and is ready to eat and then get the day started. His naps are planned (or just happen is a better description) around our plans for the day. No set length of time since every day tends to be a little different. He always take a morning nap around 2-2.5 hours after waking. An afternoon nap (tends to be his longest). And a short 30 minute or so cat nap at night. Crew is ready for bed around 8. But depending on when he last ate I'll wake him between 9 and 10 to feed him once more. Then its na-night time!!! Although I truly feel I see him just as much during the night as I do during the day. *If Crew eats for a second time "during the night" it always happens around 6am. He still wakes for the day between 7 and 730 but on those days he eats more around 9am.
Crew changes his {night time} routine weekly but the latest and greatest is waking once or twice to eat and waking another 2-3 times for me to pop his bop back in. Sounds tiring doesn't it? Let me tell is. Some nights were I'm up even more popping that darn bop in. Let me tell you that thing is a blessing and a curse! Wishing, hoping, and praying he'll stop waking for bop pop-ins and simply to only eat once (maybe twice) a night. I refuse to feed him before 3am so often I've already been up once or twice to pop his bop back in before he's even eaten. In his defense I didn't move Mase and Mols into their rooms until they were 5.5 months and 3 months so I could just reach over and pop the bop right back in. Maybe 2 weeks was too early ;)
Developmental Milestones: Crew likes to sit in his bumbo seat for short amounts of time! He likes to just sit with a little support in his big brother's chair too! He's still a super smiley baby and loves to hear himself talk. Crew is really exploring things with his hands. (Examples...pulling out his bop, tugging on Molly and Mommy's hair, holding onto peeps fingers, and playing with his toys).
Loves: Crew still loves sucking on his fists!!! Crew loves pulling out his bop!!! Crew loves his mama (and I mean really loves. Searches for me when he's by anyone else)!!! Crew loves watching the lights on T.V.!!! Crew loves watching his big bro and sis!!! And Crew loves hanging onto mommy/daddy's fingers!!!
Dislikes: You seem to dislike sleeping at night... Your bro and sis were sleeping a solid 8 hours (8p-4a) with NO bop pop-ins at this same age. You on the other hand wake 2-3 times and still need to eat by 3am. The only other thing you seems to dislike is sitting in a poopy or too wet diaper.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You moved into Mason's room on November 12. (Had to make the switch because of your sis). Thankfully you transitioned just fine.
  • Heard your first giggles on November 13 when Mommy kissed your belly. Music to momma's ears.
  • You've become quite the spitter upper after eating. 
  • Snuggling you NEVER gets old but maybe just maybe this is why you aren't always such a super star napper ;)
  • Mommy gets asked frequently if you have red hair. I always say no but I also said that when peeps asked the same question about Molly's hair (and looking back on pictures she def did for a short period of time).
  • You started being a drool MONSTER around 3.5 months.
  • As previously mentioned above you pop your bop out like crazy. (Especially at night). But you need it to fall asleep. Mommy has a love/hate relationship with that thing this go around.
  • You celebrated your first major holiday (Thanksgiving).
  • You sat on Santa's lap for the first time (obviously). You were not scared. Just preferred looking out the window. 
  • And you went to your first Christmas Party last night!!! You enjoyed yourself!!! Actually you really did. All the fun must have made you tired.

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