Sunday, December 27, 2015

{Mason} Four Years Old

Stats: Mason's 4 year well child check up isn't until January 5 but based on my scale Mase weighs 38 pounds. (I'll update his stats after his appointment). 
*UPDATE: Mason weighed 37 pounds and 2 ounces. (50th%). And measured 40.75 inches tall. (60th%).
Sizes: Mason is wearing 4/4T/XS clothing. Size 4T underwear. And size 10 shoes. 
Food: Mason is still what I would consider a picky eater but what he does like he really likes. Breakfast faves are cereal, PB and jelly toast, waffles, pancakes, and french toast sticks. I should have just said Mason likes all breakfast foods (except eggs). He loves ALL meat. He dislikes ALL dairy (except ice cream) and he definitely dislikes ALL vegetables. As for fruit he likes grapes, apples, and strawberries. (And recently raspberries). Other fave foods include pizza, bread sticks, pickles, granola bars, PB and jelly balls, PB and jelly sandwiches, fruit snacks, chocolate, and candy. And lastly he mostly drinks chocolate milk or water but does like juice and pop.
Routine: Mason typically wakes between 7:30 and 8am. Does NOT nap 97% of the time. And goes to bed around 9pm but doesn't typically fall asleep until 10 or later.
Loves:  Mason loves chewing on ice. Loves his Cars cars. Loves Spiderman and Batman!!!  Loves the Avengers (Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ironman, and Hawk). Loves Mario. Loves iPhones and tablets. Loves playing with his cousins and neighbors (and friends). Loves playing with Legos and play doh. Loves baseball. And loves to wrestle.
Dislikes: Going to bed. And veggies.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You love playing with your bestest neighborhood pals Adryanna and Blake. You guys have so much fun together and you see a LOT of each other since we live right next door. It will be sad when one of us moves away.
  • You also love playing with ALL your cousins. But especially Cole. In the summer we go to Aunt Courtney's house/pool at least once a week and during the school year we have gone/go to Grandma's house {pretty much} every Thursday (when she's babysitting Cole and Brinley). 
  • You started Awana this fall. You absolutely LOVE it. And mommy and daddy LOVE seeing you blossom through it.
  • You started KidZone (Little Lambs) at church last Janurary. (Right after turning 3). You love going and all the teachers say what a nice little boy you are. You listen. You sing. And you have fun praising Jesus!!!
  • You became a big brother again this year!!! And lets just say you were only a wee bit ecstatic that it was a brother this go around.
  • You got your first (3...eek) cavities filled. And you had your first eye exam done. (Your vision is 20/20!!!
  • You went to your first (and second) movie(s) in the big theater. The first time with Grandma, Aunt Courtney, Cambrey, Cole, and Brinley. And the second time with mom and dad. And you went bowling for the first, second, and third times. Big surprise you loved it.
  • You went deer watching AND deer hunting for the first times as well this year. You loved deer watching (because you saw lots of deer). You fell asleep deer hunting (and whined a lot per daddy) because you didn't see any deer. Basically you were bored to sleep.
  • You stopped napping in May. It was a sad SAD day that turned into a sad week that turned into a sad month that turned into a {you fill in the blank}. You do quiet time instead. Although I wouldn't say you're always too quiet during your quiet time.
  • We got rid of you bop (finally) at 3.5 years of age. You were still obsessed with it. We tried limiting it to only bedtime but you were always sneaking it so I slowly started cutting it instead. Within a week of the first cut you were over it. Surprisingly things like potty training and bop taking away went easier with you than I expected. 
  • Some of your favorite phrases are "you're the BEST mom ever"..."it was an accident mom and accidents happen"..."I love you mom/dad."
  • You still take Singular every morning.
  • You did year 2 of swim lessons with Miss Rita. It wasn't as traumatic as last year but for whatever reason when May of this past year hit you pretty much have refused to swim. Hoping this changes this coming year.
  • You still need help wiping your butt after a poop.
  • You have your own iPhone...thanks to a friend of daddys. It has no data though so you can't place phone calls and wifi only works at our house.
  • You are obsessed with baseball, Mario, Spiderman, and the Avengers. (I know I already put this under the Loves category but these things needed a second mentioning)!!!
  • You dislike being the "driver" you prefer being a passenger...when driving the big power wheels.
  • You're super competitive.
  • You're favorite color is RED.
  • You want to be Mario when you grow up!!!
  • You refuse to ride a bike. You prefer your red Little Tykes motorcycle instead.
  • Molly joined you in your room in July. And for whatever reason you were not a fan. You wanted to be back in our bed. After awhile mommy and daddy's bed just wasn't big enough for the three of us so we put your sleeping bag at the foot (on the ground) of our bed and you sleep in it all comfy and cozy all night long. We tried moving you back to your room when we switched Crew and Mols around (in November). You were super excited to share with Crew but when he woke you up at 2am you weren't such a fan anymore. Hoping once Crew sleeps through the night to move you back into your bed and bedroom. (You also refused to sleep in the bedroom downstairs).

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