Saturday, December 26, 2015

{Molly} Two Years

Stats: Molly's TWO year old well-child check up isn't until January 5. But according to my scale she weighs a whopping 24.5 pounds. I'll update with what the doctor's scale says on the 5th...along with her height and percentiles.
*UPDATE: Molly weighed 23 pounds 8 ounces. (25th%). And measured 33.5 inches tall. (50th%)
Sizes: Molly has been wearing 2T clothing since the fall. It started off being a wee bit big but it fits her nicely now. She is wearing a size 6 in the shoe department and a size 4 in the diaper (Kirkland brand) department.
Food: Molly is (I swear) the world's pickiest eater. Your fave foods are candy, chocolate, fruit snacks, and anything snacky. Real health nut ;). You love drinkable yogurt smoothies, shredded cheese, PB and jelly balls and chocolate milk. You don't care for white milk so we mix your white milk with instant carnation in the morning and Nesquick powder any other time. Sometime late summer/early fall I got sick of buying Vitamin D (for you) and 1% (for the rest of us) so I just switched you to 1% as well. The only fruit you'll eat (and you love these three fruits) are grapes, strawberries, and apples. You dislike all vegetables. And besides chicken nuggets you don't like meat. You love eating cereal (although most of it hits the floor), french toast sticks, or waffles in the morning. Occasionally you gobble up your breakfast but most mornings it sits there all day long and you munch on it throughout the day. You love Capri Suns and Gatorade (juicy) but mostly drink water or chocolate milk.
Routine: For most of the last year Molly woke typically between 7:30 and 8am but as of the last couple months it's been more like 6:30-7am. Molly goes down for a nap around 1:30/2 or if she's really pushing buttons at 1 and sleeps for 2 hours. Randomly we'll get a three hour day and oh how I LOVE those three hour days!!! Molly from January thru April went to bed at 7pm. From May to June at 9pm. From July to mid November 8pm. And from mid November til present we try for 8:30 but with all her walk back outs she pry doesn't actually fall asleep until 9/9:30. Her bedtime routine until early December included...brushing her teeth, then sitting in the rocking chair reading Tickle Time (her fave book) and a Bible story, and finally saying her prayers. Then she got tucked in with her B and bop and I would hit Violet (her LeapFrog doggie's) foot so it would play 5 minutes of music and as I left the room I turned her fan on. Now she brushes her teeth, I sing Rock-A-Bye Molly to her, say her prayers, and tuck her in with her bop and B, hit Violet's paw, and turn her fan on. And then she comes out what feels like a million times before she finally falls asleep.
Loves: Molly loves shoes. Molly loves her B (blankie). Molly loves her bops (pacis). Molly loves watching EIEIO and Surprise Eggs on iPhones. Molly loves (adores) her Cammie (big cousin Cambrey) who carries her all over the place. Actually Molly loves all her cousins. I just asked her who loves her (you would think she would say MOMMY but no) she said Cole, Binley, Eton, and Connor too. Molly loves brushing her teeth. Molly loves having her toes painted. Molly loves tubby time. And Molly loves screaming (mad or excited).
Dislikes: Molly despises her face being wiped 99% of the time. Napping 50% of the time. And going to bed like a good girl 100% of the time. She also isn't always a fan of getting her picture taken. Oh and she doesn't like veggies.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • First and foremost you became a BIG sister (at 19 months)!!!
  • When Crew was first born you called him baby as Mason's name was already brother. Then around 21 months of age you started calling them by their names {Mason and Crewsers}.
  • You adore...absolutely ADORE your little brother. When Crew was first born you were in his face ALL.THE.TIME giving him kisses, wanting to hold him, and trying to lift him by yourself. Thankfully you've toned it down the last couple of months. But you do still LOVE giving Crewsers kisses.
  • You're favorite phrases/words include...stop it, NO, and [insert name] go to time out.
  • You are obsessed with shoes. Always always trying any and everybody's shoes on. If a shoe is missing its most likely because of you.
  • You've gone through many MANY phases over the last 6 months. For a time you hated (despised) your hair being brushed but now you don't mind it (most of the time). For a time you stole Crew's bop (paci) every chance you got. Actually you would steal bops out of EVERYONE'S mouths every chance you got. But thankfully you've been much better about that lately too. You went through a hitting phase (around 21 months). Nipped that one in the butt by putting you in time out for every hit (that was exhausting). PTL we made it the other side of that phase. Def my least favorite phase.
  • You have one volume and its LOUD. You also enjoy talking NONSTOP.
  • You wipe your face with you blanket all.the.time. It increases in intensity when you're tired.
  • From 18-21 months we rocked you for 5-15 minutes before bed. Violet was our time clock. 1 click for 5 minutes, 2 clicks for 10 minutes, and 3 clicks for 15 minutes. More often than not the rocker HAD.TO.BE mommy.
  • You enjoy reading books, copying EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) Mason does, playing outside, climbing, and swinging/hanging from things. 
  • You don't really like watching T.V...although occasionally you ask for Mickey.
  • You really don't have any interests or specific toys you like to play with.
  • When you're really excited about something you squeal.
  • You moved into Mason's room on July 18 in prep for the new baby who would for a short time take over your room. Initially you adjusted great to Mase's room. But come early November you were waking 3-4 times a night so on November 12 we moved you back into your bed. And in no time you were sleeping through the night again. (Well for a short time that is).
  • You first started climbing out of your crib just before 22 months. At first you only climbed out during "play" never for naps, bedtime, or time outs. (Yes, we use your crib for time outs). But then that changed just before 23 months so on November 24 your crib became a toddler bed. No use in you getting hurt always climbing out. You adjusted very well to your toddler bed. Or so it seemed. About a week later you were (and still do) constantly climb out of your bed and act as if we never put you to bed. You were such an amazing go to bedder and now you're a terrible TERRIBLE go to bedder.
  • Your car seat was turned around at 19 months because it didn't fit backwards in our mini-van's back seat. (You and Mase got moved to the back just before Crew's arrival).
  • Not sure WHY but you poop in the tubby all.the.time. Poor Mase. Seriously it's like an addiction for you.
  • Your favorite color is BLUE.
  • You are our Sassy Strong-Willed Spitfire and we LOVE you to death baby girl!!!

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