Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. I was suppose to work this Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) but on Wednesday at 5pm my Thanksgiving shift was completely canceled (YEA!!!) and then Friday morning I got a call asking if I wanted to stay home on call?! Yes please!!! So on super short notice we decided to celebrate Mase and Mols birthday a month early on Thanksgiving. Their cake was left over from Brian's birthday and Crew's baptism. The birthday plates and napkins leftovers that my mom had. And there were no balloons. (Grandma said she would bring over a balloon on their actual birthday). But my kids were excited and content which is all that matters!!! Oh and the cake was in addition to three glorious homemade pies made by my mother. Yum!
LOVE this picture!!!

2. Mason was super stoked about his...
3. Molly was in concentration mode...
4. Happy Thanksgiving. So much LOVE. SO very blessed.
5. Happy first Thanksgiving Dude!!!
6. And the tree is up!!! (Photo taken on Black Friday).
7. Brian shot this deer the day after Opening Day (Nov 16). He looked for it for over 3 hours with his cousin but with no blood trail they were not successful in finding it. Then 10 days later (on Thanksgiving Day) Brian's cousin found it in some thick brush. So without further ado let me introduce you to the {smelly} 10-point beast!!!
8. Molly letting me know she was ready to go inside Uncle Bob and Aunt Joanie's house...she'd had enough of the smelly deer.
9. They wanted daddy to see their McD happy meal toys. Silly biscuits!!!
10. That stinkin red rash around her mouth. It's never gone for long thanks to her lovely bops...

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