Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. We LOVE Thursdays at Grandpa and Grandma's house!!! How many grands can grandma snuggle!?!
2. We (the kids and I along with grandma) went to the mall and did EVERYTHING a kid could love. (And yes that would mean we did NOT shop). They "drove" a car...
3. Visited with Santa (for the second time)...
4. Rode the carousel. (Sorry for the terrible quality photos and lack of smiles)...
5. And they "rode" the escalator. So.Much.Fun!!! To end our fun MALL day we ate lunch at Panera and the kids each got a quarter. Mase for his beloved gumball and Mols for Mike and Ikes. The only fun thing we didn't do was the play area.
6. Mase helped me bake some Christmas cookies for our first Christmas Party  of 2015.
7. Building with Lincoln Logs (Mase's Christmas present from Old Papa). We're trying (its a work in progress) to foster some independence and imagination. Because at almost 4 years of age Mase still wants US to build EVERYTHING for him.
8. Four month well child check up for this sweet miracle this week. He's my my 15 pound 5 ounces 24 and 1/4th inch chunky monkey.!!!
9. During quiet time one afternoon he decides to "get comfy" behind the couch.
10. Transformed her crib into a toddler bed and now she is the world's worst go to bedder. {HUGE sigh}. She peeks around the corner. And just plays dead. Or just keeps walking out as if we never put her to bed. Not sure which method I dislike more. Pictured is the former method.

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