Friday, December 25, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. She asked for an apple. Obviously it would be the logical choice to take THEE biggest one.
2. Three {cute} babies in a Costco basket...
3. Bowling (a few days early) in "celebration" of Mason's birthday. The kid LOVES to bowl!!!
4. And believe it or not...he bowls just as good (if not better) than I do. You see that strike on frame 7 and those spares on frames 5 and 10. He scored a whopping 96 and he's only 3!!! My best score was a 96 that day yes he bowls!!!
5. Girlfriend bought herself a gate for her frequent get ups after being put down for naps and bedtime...and for her middle of the night visits. Thankfully its seems to be helping the issue!!!
6. Ready to try some food (cereal) for the very first time.
7. Their Sunday before Christmas gift.
8. Baking and decorating Christmas cookies {the cheating way}. Instead of baking and making everything from scratch I bought everything premade. Shh don't tell!
9. Christmas Eve morning...enjoying their presents from the Vugteveen Christmas party the night before!!!
10. Bath tub painting. Christmas stocking score!!!

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