Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Oh my sweetness this baby is loving her "new" pillow...
2. First snowfall for winter 2015/16. (Poor Molly missed all the fun. Darn naps).
3. They.are.in.THE.zone. The Sunday Morning Phone Zone.
4. Molly's first time playing in the snow came Sunday after church. I guess having them look into the sun for a picture wasn't such a great idea. Ahhhh Choo.
5. Loves these lil babes...
6. Oh little boy...you are a stinker come 6am but just like I said on last week Tuesday...this happy morning smile is well worth the early morning wake-up.
7. After playing outside Saturday AND Sunday...come Monday Mase was begging me to play outside. Our compromise was THEM playing on the deck. Score!!! for everyone.
8. Three plus months later and they still want to take pictures with their baby!!!
9. Little girl in her "big" little bed. Girlfriend was climbing out like crazy during play, naps, and even a bedtime so it was time to switch-er-roo the crib to a toddler bed. Happened two days before turning the big 2-3 MONTHS!
10. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I wanted to try out the new curbside grocery service at Meijer. Go figure as I was "shopping" the curbside pick up time went from 1:30pm Wednesday to 4:30pm Thursday. Since the hubby was hunting this meant I now would have to take all three kiddos with me. Not fun. I was talking to my mom a little bit later and she asked her and my dad could take Mase with them to pick out (and cut down) a Christmas tree along with my nephew Austin. So we hatched out a plan (that had a minor blip when my dad came down with a kidney stone). I met my mom at Frog Hollow Park where she watched M&M along with my nephew Austin while I grabbed a few groceries with Crew. Then my mom took Mase and Austin out to lunch and back to her house to play until my dad was done with the doctor. It was a beautiful day to play outside (and cut down a tree).

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