Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Ready to eat his Awana sugar buzz craft...
2. We LOVE the Fertility Center. Yes FAMILIES do happen there!!! So thankful for our 5 blessings and 2 angels!!!
3. Cousin time at the Byron Township Rec Center's gym...
It was bar hanging, hula hooping, basketball playing FUN!!!
4. This sweet Sass loves "reading" books. (Actually I think she enjoys emptying the shelves just as much as the reading part).
5. Well prepping for Crew's 4 Month post I came along this on Molly's 4 Month post: "She is a big time gabber/cooer. Pretty sure she is going to be a jabber mouth (like her momma)!!! And she is LOUD!!! Mason often says Mowee is loud. Get use to it Mase...its only going to get worse the older she gets!" THIS STATEMENT COULDN'T GET ANY TRUER!!! But we still love her to pieces!!!

6. Always wants to be in pictures when I don't want her to be. And won't cooperate for pictures when I want her to be. The struggle is real.
7. First visit to Santa was at Brummels...not super happy with the not looking baby and hands in mouth toddler...so we made a second trip with Grandma the following day to the mall.
8. Feel the Zeel (in Zeeland) last week Thursday. Visited Santa, petted some reindeer, and ate some yummy frozen yougrt. Oh and took our picture by this ginormous Christmas Tree.
Per her norm Molly wasn't in the mood. She's a treat!!!
9. Bestest pals...Adryanna and Mase. Blake and Molly weren't having it.
10. First Christmas Party of 2015. My 95 (almost 96) year old Grandfather still wanted Christmas. He moved into a nursing home this year but they had a nice little room and he wanted to get everyone together...so get together we did. The Uncles and Aunts ordered pizza and bread sticks, they also brought salads, the grandchildren brought the goodies, and the great grands got to open the presents!!! 
Mase, Mols, and Crew with Old Papa

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