Friday, December 30, 2016

Ten On Friday

1. Two thirds of the gang. Crew was NOT in a picture taking mood this Christmas.
 2. Merry Christmas Day with G&G Helmholdt.
3. Checking out their new tablets...
4. Thought we would try to snap a quick pic before heading home. No cigar.
5. Got new bunk beds (and moved downstairs) a few weeks back. They had been sleeping in sleep bags for the last few weeks. But they got new bedding for Christmas from G&G Helmholdt so Christmas night they were all snuggled in sporting their new bedding.
6. Happy 3rd Birthday to our Molly Elayne!!!
7. Had to give her new bike a the garage. (Don't mind Mason's teeny tiny bike. His new bike came the next day on HIS birthday).
8. Happy 5th Birthday to our Mason Dale.
9. Birthday party #2 with G&G Helmholdt happened on December 29.
10. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH. Happy Birthday dear Mason and Molly. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Making cookies from scratch is for the birds. Instead I bought premade precut Christmas cookies and then made the frosting from scratch. Way easier and still kid approved!!!
2. The Sunday before Christmas its been a tradition of ours to let the kids open ONE present. This year they all got a new puzzle.
3. Christmas Eve EVE we celebrated with our lil fam bam. Love these faces!!!
4. All ready for bed in their new pajamas and robes (and sitting on Crew's new blanket).
5. Molly having a blast on Christmas Eve celebrating with the Vugteveen clan.
6. Crew wasn't quite sure. This was his face most of the night. Oh and he wanted NO help in the opening presents department.
7. And finally Mase having a blast on Christmas Eve with the Vugteveen clan.
8. So much fun. Merry Christmas EVE with the Vugteveen family.
The boys {minus Crew}
The cousins {minus Brinley who was home with the flu}
First real bow. He was SO happy!!!
Best friends
Sweet lil family. This was round 2 on the family picture taking. Didn't get a good one on round 1 so they (mostly Molly) were threatened no dessert if I didn't get a smile. Got a smile!!!
She loves her big cousins.
9. Christmas morning stocking opening in their "Christmas" pjs from G&G Vugteveen.
10. All ready for {Christmas morning} church. Looking good Hemys. Looking good!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Chapped cheeked Molly. What the great outdoors will do to ya in December...
2. This kid loves him some cereal...
3. Mmmmm those {red} Oreo cookies were G-O-O-D!!!
4. Snow day = Snowed in = pj day...all day long.
5. Working on writing his full name...Mason Dale Helmholdt. (I cut off the H in the second pic...oops).
6. Another success hunt for this kid{Brian}. They {Brian} shot a 9 point. Mase was in heaven!!!
7. Celebrated these two Christmas baby cuties this past weekend with the Vugteveen clan. Best party ever per M&M.
8. Happy {almost} Birthday to this {almost} FIVE year old.
9. Happy {almost} Birthday to this {almost} THREE year old.
10. She wanted to open her new diaper bag at G&G's house. Of course Mom and Dad said no. The moment we were home she wanted it open ASAP. Who cares that it was after 9pm. The following morning she was being way quiet so I shouted "where are you Mols?" In here she called back. Followed her voice to her {old} room...wiping her baby's butt ON the changing table.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Ho Ho Ho...our first Santa visit of 2016. (At John Ball Zoo).
3. A successful Feeding the Animals at the Zoo.
4. Many a morning this is what are bed ends up looking like. (That is about to change...stay tuned).
5. This lil boy struggled with the flu on and off for a few days a couple of weeks ago. I spent a lot of time laying with him in Mason's empty bed. However, this kid always climbed down and fell (fast back to sleep) on the floor. Whatever floats your boat Crewsers!!!
6. They LOVE their little brother SO SO SO MUCH!!! He's one lucky little boy.
7. My sassy lil lady. Love her SO. Getting her Christmas on...
8. Santa visit (take 2) downtown Zeeland. Crew was petrified. Poor baby.
9. Baby it's C-O-L-D outside...but these kids do NOT care. Busy helping dad "shovel"...
10. And then the following morning Mason's school was canceled so more outdoor fun was had. (Crew loved it the night before but wasn't so sure this go around).

Friday, December 9, 2016

Ten On Friday

1. Always wants to be RIGHT by me when I'm getting ready...
2. Three of lifes greatest blessings. SO much love for these little peeps of mine!!! Set up the tree Thanksgiving weekend so of course come Sunday morning I had to snap a pic of them all dolled up.
3. Small Group bowling. Yes with all these was interesting. (A third family (with 2 kids) came late and the fourth family (with 3 kids) called in ill. It coulda been even more interesting)...
4. Oh sweet BOY. You bring me SO much JOY.
5. Wearing matching headbands...
6. So excited to give Molly her Christmas LOVE Bazaar gift (Legos!!!). He waited all of one day before giving us (mom, dad, Molly, and Crew) our presents.
7. Sweetest big brother award goes to MASON. Crew was under the weather and Mase wanted to hold his baby bro. (In Molly's defense she actually held him first...just didn't get a pic of her with him).
8. Using his throw up bucket as a sitting spot. (He never actually threw up IN the bucket).
9. Always wearing a pair of princess shoes. Always...
10. After a fun toddler time at For The Kidz Gym...they had to check out the gymnastic's class.