Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Just had to try out Crew's new sleep sack.
2. He LOVES really loves it!!! Just had to have some of daddy's shake.
3. Here went nothing. Tried to get this girl trained (last weekend). Aaaaaaaaand was very unsuccessful. Side note potty training a fresh 2 year old was for the birds. Potty training an almost 3 year old (Mason) was THEE way to go.
4. Big potty vs little potty. She loved to sit on both. Didn't care to pee in either. In one and a half days of training she peed in one or the other {of the toilets} maybe three times and I don't care to say how many times on my floor. Just thankful she somehow managed to poop in the toilet twice on day one and kept it in her undies on day two!!!
5. His shirt says it all...(although maybe the shirt should say "best third kid ever" because I think all three of mine are pretty awesome)!!!
6. Playing dress up at the neighbors while mom and dad were at Old Papa's funeral visitation.
7. All dressed and ready for Old Papa's funeral. (He actually only came to the luncheon portion but he looked so darn cute I just had to share).
8. Julio Coolio folks and his sister who just HAD to try the sunglasses on too.
9. Put him in his rocker {at 6;15pm} for what I thought would be a 30 minute cat nap and 4 hours later (when I was ready to head to bed) he was still out cold. Quick changed his diaper, put on his sleep sack, fed him, and put him in his crib. And yes he woke WIDE awake at 3am. Not cool. Mommy won't make that mistake again.
10. Brian was going to get a car wash and Molly wanted to go with. He told her to grab some clothes and shoes. Skipped the clothes and grabbed some old sandals of Mason's (out for Crew). Makes sense with all the snow we had outside. Silly girl.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. This little guy was begging to play outside. I felt this (the deck) was a good compromise. Mase outside + Mommy inside = SCORE!!! When its only in the teens I care NOT to be outside.
2. A little afternoon Playworld fun (with friends whom are obviously not pictured).
3. According to my niece Brinley..."Molly is taking the skins off the crayons!"
4. Jumping in his jump-a-roo. And obviously loving it!!!
5. Cashed out before 9pm. A RARE but (very appreciated) gift!!!
6. Picking through the grapes and making sure he only eats the good ones.
7. The latest and greatest fave activity...splish splashing in the BIG tubby!!!
8. Going on a bear hunt...going to get the BIG one!!!
9. This little boy had his 5th kidney ultrasound. I love his smile even though he was super duper nervous. As a treat when he was all done he got a slushie. YUM-O!!! The results were unchanged from last year. Here's to hoping next year will be his last. (I know I sound like a broken record cause I hope for this EVERY year)!!!
10. Walking on the ice at G&G Vugteveen's house. So.Much.Fun.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{Crew} Five Months

Stats: We visited the doctor on January 5 for Mase and Mol's well child check up and since Crew wasn't acting like himself I had them check his ears. Verdict was an (his first) ear infection. They needed a weight to dose his antibiotic so a week ago he weighed in at 15lbs 12oz (that was WITH clothes on).
Sizes: This past Thursday I switched out {most} of Crew's closet. OUT was the 3-6 and 6 month clothing and IN was the 6-12 and 9 month clothing. Some stuff was just looking a little too small for my liking and since it's easier for me to do a clean sweep that's {mostly} what I did. I say {mostly} because I did keep a few 3-6 and 6 month onesie/shirts out. Still in size 2 Kirkland brand diapers but once the current supply runs out he'll be moving up to size 3. I'm too cheap to not finish them off even though I think Crew could totally be in size 3 already.
Food: Crew is now on a boobie milk and oatmeal cereal diet. And (as of 1/10/16) a baby food diet too. (He got his first licks of baby food {Sweet Potatoes} on the above date). At least once a day (typically at dinner) he gets "solid foods" ( food). He gets breast milk from a bottle on my working days. He's still at five 5oz bottles or 4 5oz bottles and a breastfeed once mommy gets home from work. We had a little blip the first of the year when Crewsers started refusing bottles but thankfully he's back to being a champion bottle taker!!! Else when I am home he eats every 2-4 hours. And my pumping regimen has not changed from last month.
Routine: As with Mase and Mols...Crew's "routine" is always subject to change! Typically he wakes between 7-7:30am (but on occasion it's been as early as 615). He's ready for his first nap between 9 and 9:30am. And for the last couple of days this nap has ranged in time from an hour and a half to two and a half hours!!! His second nap occurs around 1 or 2pm. And again he naps for an hour or two. (Yea for super naps lately)!!! Occasionally we get an evening cat nap. Else he's typically ready for bed between 8 and 8:30. He fusses for his bop (paci) a few (1-3) times between when we put him down til 11pm. After 11pm he generally sleeps til 4ish (with maybe 1 bop pop in wake up call). He's slowly but steadily improving in the sleep department. Hallelujah!!! I feed him anytime after 4am and he wakes for the morn anytime between 6:30-7:30am. He doesn't always eat right away unless he wakes closer to the 7:30am time frame.
Developmental Milestones: Crew rolled back to belly {finally} on January 9. But of course hasn't done it since. Guess he thought it wasn't that cool. He loves reaching, grabbing, tugging, and pulling on things. Crew also started sitting in the highchair in the last week or so. (Thinks he's big stuff).
Loves: Crew for the third month running loves sucking on his fists!!! Crew loves his mommy, daddy, brother, and sissy!!! Crew loves giving mommy open mouth kisses!!! Crew loves exploring/playing/hanging onto to fingers and hands!!! Crew loves smiling. (Why he didn't/wouldn't for his 5 month photo shoot I have NO idea). And Crew loves eating real food {ahem I mean baby food}!!!
Dislikes: You don't like to be in your exersaucer, jumperoo, or bumbo for too long. Short amounts of time is what Crewsers prefers.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You had a lot of firsts this month...
first time in the exersaucer
first time drinking out of a sippy
and first time trying food (oatmeal banana cereal)
  • On January 1 you started refusing bottles. Unfortunately Mommy had to work January 1, 2, and not taking the bottle wasn't really an option. On January 5 you were diagnosed with your first ear infection. Thank goodness for an answer to your bottle refusal. Pretty sure you lost a few ounces over that week although I'm sure you'll gain it back in no time!!! On January 6 (while mommy worked...again) you started taking your bottles much better.
  • You celebrated your first Christmas

  • For the longest time you would roll on your side but NEVER all the way to your belly.

  • And then finally on Janurary 9 you made the BIG roll. Funny thing is NOBODY saw you do it. Poor third child. We were at daddy's cousin's house. Daddy was helping "Uncle" Bob with something at the kitchen table. "Aunt" Joanie was in the kitchen with Mason. Mommy was changing Molly's diaper by the back door. And you were just chilling in the family room. When Mommy came back into the family room from changing your sis...there you were all smiles chilling on your belly. (Of course par for you once the camera comes out the smiles become fewer and father between).
  • Your hair is thinning in the back. Hopefully you start sitting sooner rather than later.
  • You LOVE eating food (or at least sweet potatoes). You're so enjoyable to feed because you actually eat. I dreaded feeding your sister because she was a terrible eater. Kept pushing the food out with her tongue. Not gobble it right up!!!
  • If we don't buckle you into the bouncer you shimmy shake yourself right down and almost out. You can almost twist yourself out of the bumbo. And you would love to help yourself out of your rock and play sleeper but haven't had any success thus far (thank goodness).
  • You don't spit up or drool that much anymore.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Ten On Monday

1. Family fun night. Chuck E Cheese style. According to Mason..."all his dreams came true." In other words he loved everything about Chuck E Cheese. Goodness I love that kid.
2. Owl always love you my little loves...
3. And my non-owl wearing kid wanted IN on a picture.
4. A close up of my marker loving girl. This is why I ONLY buy washable.
5. Instead of "Where's Waldo" let's try "Where's Mason."
6. See the above picture. This has been Mase's favorite activity as of late. Takes ALL the blankets and ALL the pillows from his room, Molly's room, and my room. And piles them up. So.Much.Fun. However, you should hear the groans when I tell him to So fun to destroy. So NOT fun to pick up.

7. Kids a squirmy machine these days. Guess I should start strapping him in.
8. If he's not taking ALL the pillows and blankets into the family room then he's taking them into either his or in this case Molly's room. Oye Me. Couldn't help but take a cute pic of my boys though!!!
9. Sometimes I take pictures of my sweet sleeping babies on my nightly checks...
10. This kid. He'll always be a MIRACLE. And he'll always be my ONE in a MILLION!!! So thankful God surprised us {and completely altered "my perfect" plan}. God def knows BEST.
 (Oh and the bottom left picture is Crew pooping. Hence his pushing face).

Friday, January 8, 2016

Healthy PCP Report

Only took just short of two hours but we came out healthy and whole!!! Mason was a wee bit nervous about THE shots. So nervous that his blood pressure was 130/90 when we first arrived. Eek!!! Mason weighed in at 37 pounds and 2 ounces (50th%). And measured 40.75 inches tall (60th%). He checked out healthy. Molly did NOT have to have her blood pressure taken. She weighed in at 23 pounds 8 ounces (25th%). And measured 33.5 inches tall (50th%). She too checked out healthy with the exception of her first ear infection. She was a little leary of Dr. Mantia. But since she wanted to do everything that her big brother did she cooperated nicely. (Mason at his 2 year check was extremely uncooperative). After the Bigs got checked out I had the doc take a look at Crew's ears too since last Friday he started to refuse his bottles. (I worked Friday 8 hours, Saturday 12 hours, and Monday 12 hours...he took maybe 8 ounces (Saturday and Monday) from 6am to 8pm. Which meant he was a hungry hot fussy bucket for daddy). Praise the Lord he got diagnosed with an ear infection too...thankful for a reason for his bottle refusal. Thankfully as I finish typing this (three days later) both kiddos are already acting, sleeping, and in Crew's case eating from the bottle better!!!
 Waiting to be called back...

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Molly and Mason's birthdays of course had to fall on my weekend {to work} this year. And who would honestly be willing to trade weekends when their birthdays fall the day and two days after Christmas?! Thankfully someone did ask me for a trade so I did NOT have to work Mason's birthday but I DID still have to work Mollys {boo}. So after a long 12 hour day Miss Molly (still in pjs from the night before) finally got to open her presents.
And then Sunday morning we celebrated with a little "birthday cake"...(ahem cinnamon roll)!!!
Followed by Maser opening his presents. (And yes we made it to church on time by the skin of our teeth).
After church mommy wanted to snap pictures of the birthday babes so that's just what we did.
Happy Birthday to my Christmas Miracles!!!