Thursday, January 7, 2016


Molly and Mason's birthdays of course had to fall on my weekend {to work} this year. And who would honestly be willing to trade weekends when their birthdays fall the day and two days after Christmas?! Thankfully someone did ask me for a trade so I did NOT have to work Mason's birthday but I DID still have to work Mollys {boo}. So after a long 12 hour day Miss Molly (still in pjs from the night before) finally got to open her presents.
And then Sunday morning we celebrated with a little "birthday cake"...(ahem cinnamon roll)!!!
Followed by Maser opening his presents. (And yes we made it to church on time by the skin of our teeth).
After church mommy wanted to snap pictures of the birthday babes so that's just what we did.
Happy Birthday to my Christmas Miracles!!!

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