Friday, January 8, 2016

Healthy PCP Report

Only took just short of two hours but we came out healthy and whole!!! Mason was a wee bit nervous about THE shots. So nervous that his blood pressure was 130/90 when we first arrived. Eek!!! Mason weighed in at 37 pounds and 2 ounces (50th%). And measured 40.75 inches tall (60th%). He checked out healthy. Molly did NOT have to have her blood pressure taken. She weighed in at 23 pounds 8 ounces (25th%). And measured 33.5 inches tall (50th%). She too checked out healthy with the exception of her first ear infection. She was a little leary of Dr. Mantia. But since she wanted to do everything that her big brother did she cooperated nicely. (Mason at his 2 year check was extremely uncooperative). After the Bigs got checked out I had the doc take a look at Crew's ears too since last Friday he started to refuse his bottles. (I worked Friday 8 hours, Saturday 12 hours, and Monday 12 hours...he took maybe 8 ounces (Saturday and Monday) from 6am to 8pm. Which meant he was a hungry hot fussy bucket for daddy). Praise the Lord he got diagnosed with an ear infection too...thankful for a reason for his bottle refusal. Thankfully as I finish typing this (three days later) both kiddos are already acting, sleeping, and in Crew's case eating from the bottle better!!!
 Waiting to be called back...

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