Monday, January 11, 2016

Ten On Monday

1. Family fun night. Chuck E Cheese style. According to Mason..."all his dreams came true." In other words he loved everything about Chuck E Cheese. Goodness I love that kid.
2. Owl always love you my little loves...
3. And my non-owl wearing kid wanted IN on a picture.
4. A close up of my marker loving girl. This is why I ONLY buy washable.
5. Instead of "Where's Waldo" let's try "Where's Mason."
6. See the above picture. This has been Mase's favorite activity as of late. Takes ALL the blankets and ALL the pillows from his room, Molly's room, and my room. And piles them up. So.Much.Fun. However, you should hear the groans when I tell him to So fun to destroy. So NOT fun to pick up.

7. Kids a squirmy machine these days. Guess I should start strapping him in.
8. If he's not taking ALL the pillows and blankets into the family room then he's taking them into either his or in this case Molly's room. Oye Me. Couldn't help but take a cute pic of my boys though!!!
9. Sometimes I take pictures of my sweet sleeping babies on my nightly checks...
10. This kid. He'll always be a MIRACLE. And he'll always be my ONE in a MILLION!!! So thankful God surprised us {and completely altered "my perfect" plan}. God def knows BEST.
 (Oh and the bottom left picture is Crew pooping. Hence his pushing face).

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