Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Just had to try out Crew's new sleep sack.
2. He LOVES really loves it!!! Just had to have some of daddy's shake.
3. Here went nothing. Tried to get this girl trained (last weekend). Aaaaaaaaand was very unsuccessful. Side note potty training a fresh 2 year old was for the birds. Potty training an almost 3 year old (Mason) was THEE way to go.
4. Big potty vs little potty. She loved to sit on both. Didn't care to pee in either. In one and a half days of training she peed in one or the other {of the toilets} maybe three times and I don't care to say how many times on my floor. Just thankful she somehow managed to poop in the toilet twice on day one and kept it in her undies on day two!!!
5. His shirt says it all...(although maybe the shirt should say "best third kid ever" because I think all three of mine are pretty awesome)!!!
6. Playing dress up at the neighbors while mom and dad were at Old Papa's funeral visitation.
7. All dressed and ready for Old Papa's funeral. (He actually only came to the luncheon portion but he looked so darn cute I just had to share).
8. Julio Coolio folks and his sister who just HAD to try the sunglasses on too.
9. Put him in his rocker {at 6;15pm} for what I thought would be a 30 minute cat nap and 4 hours later (when I was ready to head to bed) he was still out cold. Quick changed his diaper, put on his sleep sack, fed him, and put him in his crib. And yes he woke WIDE awake at 3am. Not cool. Mommy won't make that mistake again.
10. Brian was going to get a car wash and Molly wanted to go with. He told her to grab some clothes and shoes. Skipped the clothes and grabbed some old sandals of Mason's (out for Crew). Makes sense with all the snow we had outside. Silly girl.

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