Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Future Unity Grad of 2034...and a cute one at that!!!
 2. The cough/cold bug hit this lady pretty hard. Blah. She had red rimmed eyes, eye boogies, runny nose, and a hacking cough for almost a week. Mason gave it to her. She gave it to Crew. But somehow she had it the worst.
3. We had lots of fun this "break." We may not have any kids in school but since daddy takes two weeks off around Christmas/New Years we make the "break" fun. First on the agenda (besides birthday parties, Christmas parties, and bowling) was hitting up Catch Air. We love us some Catch Air!!!
4. Next on the list was the GR Children's Museum.
5. After two days in a row of F-U-N we (and by we I mean the kids) needed a stay at home day. Daddy went hunting in the morning and Mommy went shopping in the afternoon. And Mommy hit the jackpot when she found this lil gem...regularly priced at $29.99 and on sale for $10. Halloween...check!!!
6. And then it was back to F-U-N. We took a little road trip to Kalamazoo to the Air Zoo. Our neighbors joined us and we had a great time. Mase and Mols LOVED the rides. Mols wasn't allowed on one of them and she about had a conniption. (That would be the ride pictured immediately below).
7. We also toured the "Zoo," ate some lunch, and "sat" in some airplanes. Like I said...we had a great day.
8. Chillaxing in the exersaucer at church while mom was on nursery duty.
9. Mason at 2 months and Crew at 4 months. Love my BOYS!!!
10. Had a fun date night IN with these lovely ladies and their hubbys. Enjoyed appetizers, conversation, and a little game called fish bowl. (Where I just HAVE to add us ladies won by ONE point)!!! So thankful for their friendships. (And Gretch you were missed).

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