Friday, February 12, 2016

{Crew} Six Months

Stats: Crew's well-child check up is this coming Wednesday. I'll update his stats afterwards but based off my weight guess from last month I'm thinking he'll be low 17 pound range.

*Update on 2/17/16...Soooo I was a wee bit off on Crewsers poundage. Should have thought about the fact that he's barely eaten in the past two weeks and that he hasn't taken bottles the greatest since his ear infection early January. With all that said Crew weighed in at 15lb 7oz. (Only gained 2oz since 4 months...). Puts him in the 25th% for weight. His height measured in at 25.5 inches (50th%). And his head was 17 inches (75th%).
Sizes: Crew is wearing size 9 months or 6-12 months. And is in his final days of size 2 Kirkland brand diapers. He should have been in size 3 a month ago but I'm cheap and wanted to use up all the 2s...but here we are a month later and I still got a good 60 left.
Food: Crew is definitely a boobie man. (NEVER tires of the boob). With that said he isn't always a fan of the bottle. Hopefully that changes because starting today I will begin weaning him off the boob. I feel like my milk production always plummets at this age so I figure its time. For the last month (when I was working) he's taken 3-4 5oz bottles and breastfed either once or twice. (Twice if he woke in the middle of the night...which was more often than not). On my non-working days he breastfed anywhere between 2-5 hours. And HIP HIP HORAY the kid is an eating MACHINE. (From day one he's gobbled up EVERYTHING we've put in his mouth)!!! He's pretty much tried it all (baby food that is) and will eat it all. His favorites though are green beans, sweet potatoes, and fruits. He tried yogurt for the first time 2 days ago and loved that too. Since turning 5 months he's eaten "food" at least once if not twice a day.
Routine: Crew typically goes to bed around 7:45/8. His pattern over the course of the last month has changed here and there but for the most part he wakes just once a night to eat (around 4am give or take). We've had a few nights til 5:30/6ish and even one or two til 7am!!! Crew's normal wake up time is 6:45-7:15am. He takes three naps of different the morning, afternoon, and evening. He is such an easy read and such an easy baby!!!
Developmental Milestones: Crew is now a rolling machine...back to belly and belly to back. Belly to back happened on January 19. He can roll himself from one side of a room to the other. He still loves reaching, grabbing, tugging, and pulling on things. He can sit for short little spurts before going t-i-m-b-e-r!!! And you have become quite the talker.
Loves: Crew loves himself some baby food!!! Crew loves the freedom of rolling all over the place!!! Crew loves the boobie. Crew really really loves his mama!!! Crew loves sucking on anything he can get his hands on!!! And Crew loves sleeping on his belly.
Dislikes: Crew still doesn't like to be in his exersaucer, jumperoo, or bumbo for too long. (Maybe this is why he's not a super great sitter yet)?! Crew does not like it when other littles cry. If he hears crying...he himself starts crying.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • GO Crewsers GO
  • As stated under Developmental Milestones you rolled belly to back on January 19.
  • When mommy comes home from work you instantly light up. When I walk away from you (to quick change my clothes) you instantly start crying. As soon as I come back you start smiling again. Yep you LOVE your momma!!!
  • You'll go to pretty much anyone but you always have to have your eye on mommy (if I'm in the same room).
  • Mommy is your #1 but you light up when you see your daddy, brother, sister, and grandparents too.
  • In celebration of turning 6 months Mommy put your bumpers up yesterday (you do NOT seem to be a fan) and tonight mommy is NOT going to feed you until at least 7am. Here's to hoping the night isn't too rocky. here we come...
  • You suffered your first bout of the throw ups. Stinking flu :/
  • Your Old Papa passed away on January 13. So thankful he got to meet you and love on you.

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