Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crewsers Six Month Well Child Visit

Soooo I was a wee bit off on Crewser's poundage. Should have thought about the fact that he's barely eaten in the past two weeks and that he hasn't taken bottles the greatest since his ear infection early January. With all that said Crew weighed in at 15lb 7oz. (Only gained 2oz since 4 months...). Puts him in the 25th% for weight. His height measured in at 25.5 inches (50th%). And his head was 17 inches (75th%). Besides being a touch wheezy (at the end of this bronchiolitis run) and being diagnosed with his second (or maybe the first never went away) ear infection he was in tip top shape. Now we just gotta get this boy EATING so he can start doing some more GROWING!!!

Believe it or not even Molly weighed more and was taller than Crew at 6 months. Molly was 16lb 1oz and 27.75in and Mase was 19lb 9oz and 27in. Guess we keep making smaller babes!!!

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