Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Oh.My.WORD...I could eat this bundle of cuteness up. Watching big bro and sis play in the mall play area...
2. Miss Julio Coolio...styling in her Minnie sun glasses and her baby's bop.
3. God has big plans for me. Yes...yes...yes HE does!!! So excited for preschool (next fall) at HCS.
4. Never never do I get tired of snuggling this little love bug. 
5. Modeling her new sweatshirt.
6. The other day I was reading an update on a Carepage and decided to take a peek at the girl's Carepage. Amazing how easy it is to go back to those days and for the tears to just fall. So incredibly thankful for these three MIRACLES!!! And God's promise of turning our ashes into beauty.
7. Laundry basket fun on a cold winter day.
8. Catch Air with cousins (who happen to be on winter break) and grandma...minus Molly. Randomly called my mom to chit chat. She said she was baby-sitting. My nieces and nephew wanted to check out the new Rebounderz (wasn't open yet). Wanted to go to Skyzone (closed on Mondays). So third choice of Catch Air was the winner. Unfortunately by the time this decision was made it was too late for Molly to join so Papa came to watch her while she napped.
9. First dentist appointment for this chica poo. She rocked it!!!
10. Rub A Dub Dub...3 Babies in A Tub.

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