Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Yes I may be partial...BUT pretty sure these are the cutest little 6 month olds I've ever seen!!! Gotta love Mason's big old bald {and really white} head!!! In his defense these were his helmet wearing days.
2. Pure LOVE. Happy Valentines a couple days early.
3. G&G Helmholdt left for Gulf Shores a few days before V-day but Grandpa brought over a bag for both of the bigs each with 3 presents i it...that Grandma had bought. Told them they could open one on Friday, one on Saturday, and the last on Sunday. Here they are opening present #1...(a sticker book).
4. Day 2 brought them a "On The Go Water Wow"...
5. Brrrr...baby it's cooooold outside. In the teens to be exact.
6. Helping daddy shovel...
7. A quick trip to the ED for this kid at 2am Sunday morning. Respirations in the 70s, tracheal tugging, moderate subcostal retractions, and lethargy combined with an already 7 day day history of vomiting, decreased PO intake, cough, congestion, and fevers had this mama worried. Thankfully we were able to go home after an xray, urine culture (via cath), a good feed, and besides the occasional dip into the upper 80s while sleeping Crewsers kept his oxygen saturations in the low 90s. Ready for this bronchiolitis TO PASS.
8. Opening presents on Valentines Day.
 9. HAPPY VALENTINES from my little LOVES!!!
10. Baby girl wasn't feeling so good so she "laid" in Crew's seat while momma finished shopping. Hey...clearance at Kohls was an additional 40% off plus I had a 30% off coupon. She toughed it out like a trooper.

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