Saturday, March 12, 2016

{Crew} Seven Months

Stats: According to my scale Crewsers weighs between 16-18 pounds. I weighed him and I together on Thursday and at first he weighed 18 pounds. I then took off his heavy pants and changed an unknown to me {very} dirty diaper and suddenly he weighed in at 16 pounds. So I'm hoping he's on the higher end of 16 pounds or maybe just possibly he's hit the 17 pound mark. Next well child visit isn't til May 19.
Sizes: Crew is still wearing 9 month or 6-12 month clothing and size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers.
Food: Over the last month Crew has gone from boobie feeding 4-5 times a day to just twice (morning and at bedtime). He now gets 2-3 4-6oz bottles in between those boob feeds. He eats three meals (either yogurt or baby food) a day as well. He gnaws on anything bread and has munched on goldfish, club crackers, yogurt melts, and puffs. He is back to LOVIN him some food. Hallelujah his almost month refusal of food and bottles was NOT fun. Glad to have my eater back. He'll eat all baby food but green vegetables and he got his first taste of formula 4 days ago. 
Routine: Crew goes to bed around 8pm most nights. And lets just say the kid is more than ready. I boobie feed him, lay him down awake and he instantly rolls to his side and is out in a matter of minutes. He sleeps all night long til 5/6ish and then fusses on/off til morning. Sometimes he falls back to sleep til 7:30/8 but other mornings he's up by 6:30/7. He eats soon after waking. Takes his first nap of the day 2ish hours later. He takes an afternoon nap anywhere between 1 and 3pm and sometimes an evening nap (depending on what time his afternoon nap was). If he takes an evening nap we never let him sleep longer than 30 minutes.
(First bath sitting like a big boy)!!!

Developmental Milestones: Crew is a professional sitter, (this developmental milestone occurred about 2 weeks ago), a big talker, and a kid that knows what "come" means. I was looking at Mason and Molly's 7 month posts and got a chuckle how each kid has become a lil slower than the last in the developmental milestone department. All in their own time. All in their own time.
Loves: Crew loves eating big boy food. Crew loves sucking on anything and everything. Crew loves grabbing at mama's face (especially when eating). Crew loves sitting in the stroller like a big boy. Crew loves iPhones (if he sees one he makes a roll and grab for it). And Crew loves watching his big bro and sis.
Dislikes: Crew doesn't care for his face being wiped, green vegetables, his pack n play, or wolf ears.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Took your first trip to the ED on February 13. Tracheal tugging, retractions, tachypneic, lethargy, and poor eating were the cause. Diagnosis...bronchiolitis. Thankfully you were sent home after only a few hours. That darn virus had you out of commission for a good two weeks. And during those two weeks you refused to eat anything but the boob. And even your boob eating wasn't in the normal range. Also for a week prior and a week after our ED visit you would only eat super small amounts here and there. Hallelujah you're back to being a super star eater!!!
  • You've finally started to enjoy sitting over the last week or so. Prior you always stiffened yourself out so we couldn't put you in the seated position. It was like you preferred to lay versus sit. 
  • You cut your first TWO teeth right at 6.5 months. (Center bottom).
  • You thoroughly enjoy popping your bop out and back into your mouth. You think your big stuff. Momma loves it because you now know how to "put a cork in it!" You also know how to pop your bop out for your bubba to go in.
  • Right at 6 months mommy stopped feeding you in the night. You fussed at random times the first few nights but now you always sleep until at least 5am. On the good days you make it until 6:30. I refuse to feed you or tend to you before 6:30am. Not gonna lie mommy has ear plugs next to her bed.
  • You celebrated your first Valentine's Day.
  • You spent your first two nights in a hotel at Great Wolf Lodge. You did NOT like your pack n play so night one was spent in your stroller (where you slept fairly decent) and night two was spent mostly on mama. (On mama only because you refused the stroller the second night). 
  • You started sleeping with your bumpers. At first weren't too sure about them but now you have no qualms. You LOVE your bed.

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