Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. This kid loves him all things SUPER HEROS. 
2. Visiting our favorite donut shop Sprinkles. YUM!!! Mason wanted a peanut covered donut cause that's his dads favorite kind.
3. Crew enjoyed partaking in the yumminess too.
4. After the donut shop we met up with friends at the GR Children's Museum.
5. Geesh Mase...make yourself comfortable.
6. We have a nose picker...
7. All ready to head to G&G Vugteveen's for his very first sleep over!!! This boy has NEVER been away from both Brian and I on the same night. Actually Mase has only been away from me three nights total in his 4 year 3 month life...(the nights I was in the hospital with Mols and Crew).
8. Saturday morning pick up. Thank you G&G for the fun night!!! G&G were suppose to have the 8 oldest sleepover but Brinley was sick so it ended up being just 7. *Connor and Molly did NOT sleepover but wanted to be in the picture. Austin DID sleepover but did not want to be in the picture.*
9. If Crew's door ain't shut this is what happens. Thankfully he was 2 hours into his nap...else Mama would NOT have been happy.
10. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! Mase is SO excited because like I said above he is OBSESSED with all things SUPER HERO. He saw this sign at the Mall and wanted to know how.much.longer!!!

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